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Our Mission:

No description

Nuotolines Studijos

on 9 February 2016

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Transcript of Our Mission:

First step
Creating a nice website for e-commerce
in which we will sell our fashion products
A great name of our website (domain)
Good domain's (website name's) are usually taken, but we are smart because we have bought a good domain before 2 years
How about Google?
Don't you know that people can find our website easily when they type words in google search?
What kind of products we will sell?
Our Mission
What we need?
A perfect looking web page theme (design)
Perfect design
for us !
We already have this domain and it suits perfectly for our fashion shop
Internet fashion shop
This is our journey
straight to the goal

Also we can't forget
about our
Good news is that we already have it, and it looks pretty

cool! Isn't it?
Men and women fashion accessories, shoes and clothes:

And more other fashion products..
Who are our client's?
All citizens of Lithuanian Republic
We also have plans, to widen our network of shop's to other baltic countries:
- Estonia
- Latvia
I believe this project will succeed ! Thank's for your attention. I hope you've enjoyed :)
This project need's a good team, because it's too hard to make everything by myself
With the speech of
Steve Jobs (Apple)
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