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All About Me (:

No description

clementine folan

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of All About Me (:

Clementine The day I was born What's in a name? How old am I? Stress-o-meter Job Personality Darryl Strawberry joins the NY Yankees M Tichy & Z Moravec discover asteroid #7669 This is my bestfriend. She's so pretty. This is me and my friend Dallis. She likes to pretend to be Asian. This is Kat (and me.) She is Colombian and her mom feeds me purple food. This is my brother. This is also my brother. This one has webbed toes. Look at that pretty girl. The one standing next to her is Hayley! This is wee man. He's the best! THE PEOPLE I LOVE! (and zoe) This white tiger reminds me of my friend Shelby because it is vicious and delicious!
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