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WWII in the Pacific

No description

Maddie Pierce

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of WWII in the Pacific

WWII in the Pacific Causes:
Conflict between China and Japan
Attack on Pearl Harbor Time Period: WWII era SUCCESS Short Term Effects:
We wom
Became a force in the East
Occupied Japan
The end of the Depression
Increased American morale
New Chapter American Nativism
Cold War
Long Term Effects:
Radiation diseases from the A-Bomb
Mutation of babies
Fall of the Empire of Japan
Division of Korea
Substantial weaking of Western Colonial Powers (Decolonization of Asia)
Key Players:
General Douglas MacArthur
Joseph Stillwell
Chester Nimitz
Hideki Tojo
Major Events:
Pearl Harbor- Dec 7, 1941
Battle of Midway was the turning point
Coral Sea
Bombing of Hiroshima- Truman wanted to end the war.
Submarine Warfare
Island Hopping
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