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The Urinary System

Final Copy

Kyle Jones

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of The Urinary System

The Urinary System The function of the Urinary System is... to discharge harmful chemicals from your body. The parts of the Urinary System are...

- The Kidneys: The kidneys sift through the blood and seperate the waste to excrete.

- The Ureter: The ureters are tubes in the urinary system.

- The Bladder: the bladder stores the urine until urination then pushes the urine out.

- The Urethra: The urethra is the tube from which the urine exits. Keeping the Urinary System Healthy Some of these are... 1) Keeping a good diet; without one, kidney stones could develop. 2) Drinking a lot of water along with little to no alcohol,
water helps to flush harmful wastes out of the body. 3) Regular exercise also helps keep the urinary system healthy. There are several simple ways to keep the urinary system healthy. Treating urinary diseases... Diseases that affect the Urinary system Bladder Cancer Urinary Track Infection. And You guessed it... KIDNEY STONES! Along with easy ways of keeping the urinary system healthy there are certain ways to cure diseases that might form. Kidney Stones are probably the easiest of these diseases to cure, it is painful but uncomplicated. Usually they are urinated out. Urinary Tract Diseases require more effort. Those with the disease are generally perscribed precriptions. The final disease, Bladder Cancer, is the most dangerous and hardest to cure. Possible cures include Surgary, IMRT, Chemotherapy, and Immunotherapy How do all the organs work together? The kidneys make the urine by expelling wastes from our blood, through the arteries (so the kidneys work with the heart sort of). The Kidneys The Ureters! The ureters work with the kidneys and the bladder. The ureter is responsible for transporting the urine from the kidney to the bladder. The Urethra The ureters work with the kidneys and the bladder. The ureter is responsible for transporting the urine from the kidney to the bladder. The Circulatory system works with the urinary system to filter the toxins from your body...(kidneys) Fun Facts!!!! Kidney beans were named after your kidneys Urine can tell you about your health's curent state including things that might affect your health. 440 gal of blood (give or take) filters through the kidneys every day. Bacteria exposed to the Urethra can cause UTIs. The medical term for a Kidney Stone is: Nephrolif
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