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Presentation @ PRAXIS Open Discussion Forum 2014

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Mariet Vriens

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Presentation @ PRAXIS Open Discussion Forum 2014

Virtual Internships
In a virtual internship the student works for the company or organization from a distance. All communication and collaboration takes place through ICT tools (mail, video or web conference, document sharing tools etc.)

Malin Burstrøm
Erhvervsakademiet Lillebaelt, Denmark
Witness statement
Cost-effective access to specialized and local knowledge
Access to native speakers
"Project in the drawer"
No big intrusion on day-to-day activities
Louis Vanhove
Postgraduate marketing student
Witness Statement

Conditions for success:

Independent student
Tasks that are of real importance to the company
Project based work
Set up a communication protocol
No one on one setting
Findings of two European projects
Mariet Vriens
LIMEL, KU Leuven (BE)
The Pathway tool
between interns and internships;
provides an automated support function for the creation of an extensive
internship “charter”
enables internship mentors to
follow up interns
from a distance;
online communication and collaboration
guidelines and advice
on how to successfuly organize virtual internships.
Open Source Software
The PROVIP platform source code is available on Github.
For non-commercial purposes only!
You can download it from: https://github.com/kuldoel/provip
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