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5 Of The Strongest Factions Ever In Fallout

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Bubbles Lahey

on 11 August 2015

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Transcript of 5 Of The Strongest Factions Ever In Fallout

#1. The Enclave
The enclave is an organization made up of the remnants of the U.S. Government and the U.S. Military. Their goal in the wasteland is to cleanse America of its "Mutants". They kill and capture anyone and everything that isn't "Pure".
Five Of The Strongest Factions Ever In Fallout
Tactics And Power
Main Unit (West)
Main Unit (East)
In the Eastern territory of America, the Enclave uses similar soldiers. However, these troops have Advanced Power Armor Mark 2. They have the same kind of weapons, and despite having superior armor than their Western counter-parts, these soldiers appear to be less effective in combat.
Secondary Unit
The Enclave had various bases throughout America. When the Enclave invades a wasteland, they drop off several dozen squads to set up camps around said wasteland. These squads include three-four soldiers, a scientist, and an officer. The common Enclave camp is usually built on a road, and has barriers set-up to protect it. These small bases of operations also include a terminal, a satellite-defense grid, and crates of ammunition and supplies.
The Enclave's main unit for combat is the Enclave soldier. Enclave soldiers stationed in the West are quipped with Advanced Power Armor Mark 1, either an energy weapon or a heavy weapon, and some basic military equipment.
The Enclave's secondary unit for combat are Enclave soldiers equipped with Tesla Armor. Western soldiers are equipped with Tesla Armor Mark 1 and Eastern soldiers are equipped with Tesla Armor Mark 2.
Wasteland Advantage
One thing the Enclave had over every other faction in the wasteland was the Vertibird. The vertibird was a type of tilt-wing aircraft similar to that of a helicopter. Vertibirds were used during the Sino-American War, most notably: Operation Anchorage, were winterized versions can be seen. Vertibirds have two pilot seats in the cock-pit, and can transport a squad of troops to any destination with great speed. The Enclave had several fleets of Vb-02's. Some of which were blown up, and two of them were confirmed to have crashed in the West.
#2. Caesar's Legion
Caesar's Legion began when a man named Edward Sallow built an empire by conquering eighty-six tribes near the Grand Canyon and other areas around Nevada. Edward then renamed himself "Caesar" (After Julius Caesar of the Roman Empire). Gaius Magnus, one of Caesar's centurions, then conquered another tribe, bringing the Legion's total count to eighty-seven tribes. The legion's goal in the wasteland is to conquer as many tribes, and rule as much land as possible.
Tactics And Power
Caesar's Legion specializes in the use of throwing spears and melee weapons, almost always machetes, believing firearms are too risky to use as they could jam. Almost all Legionaries are clad in football armor, reinforced with pieces of scrap materials, and designed to look like Roman Legionary armor. However, Legion Centurions wear armor made out of pieces of armor from tough foes they have defeated. Some warriors in Caesar's legion, usually assassins, use firearms such as assault carbines and marksman rifles, and even use plasma grenades. The Legion uses fear as it's main source of power, burning down towns, crucifying, burning, and impaling innocent people, and enslaving people. When the Legion attacked the town of Nipton, they had a lottery to "educate" the thieves, prostitutes, and gamblers who lived there. Each local was given a lottery ticket and each person was in certain places in the lottery.
The winner, a powder-ganger named Oliver Swanick, was rewarded with his life and was free to leave. The runner-up, a powder-ganger named Boxcars, was rewarded with his life as well, but only after his legs were beaten until they were broken. The third-place winners were enslaved. The "Lucky-Winners" were decapitated for a quick death. The Mayor of Nipton, Joseph B. Steyn, was burned on a pile of tires. And everyone else was crucified. At least one wastelander attempted to fight back by vaporizing a Legionary, but was eventually killed in combat. A few Legionaries were even killed by traps set-up in a few of the houses. Legion mongrels were even sent in to remove anyone from the Nipton Hall. And when the Courier came to Nipton, he found a group of Legion troops lead by Vulpes Inculta, who told the Courier to let the NCR troopers at the Mojave Outpost what lesson was learned in Nipton.
Main Unit
The main forces of Caesar' Legion are (from left to right) the recruit legionary, the prime legionary, and the veteran legionary. All of these soldiers are looked upon as expendables, who can be sent straight to their deaths for Caesar. The recruit legionary is a basic troop who is new to the Legion. The prime legionary is a skilled warrior who has some experience serving Caesar. And the veteran legionary is from Red Okie Centuria and what was the Painted Rock tribe. They are the best of the best.
Secondary Unit
The secondary units in Caesar's legion are (from left-to-right) the Recruit Decanus, the Prime Decanus, and the Veteran Decanus. They are the officers who command the Legionaries in Caesar's Legion. The Latin word "Decanus" when translated in English means "Chief Of Ten".
Legion Centurion
Legion Centurions are the Commanders and Generals of Caesar's Legion. They wear special heavy-armor made out of pieces of armor from tough enemies they have killed. Helmet of a super mutant brute, polished and with a centurion's frill.
Helmet of a super mutant brute, polished and with a centurion's frill. There armor is made from a super mutant brutes helmet which has been modified, both gloves are from leather armor, chest plate from a super mutant's armor chest-piece, right pauldron and forearm from T-45D Power Armor. Left forearm from ranger-ranger patrol armor. Centurion is pronounced Sent-Yur-ee-On in modern-day English, but pronounced Ken-Tur-ee-On in Latin (how Caesar's soldiers pronounce it). These generals are equipped with the same items that assassins have, but in addition can have hunting shotguns, thermic lances, chainsaws and most commonly the machete gladius. These elite warriors also command Legionary Decanus's, are in charge of main bases, lead campaigns, and are used in large numbers during important battles, such as the The First Battle Of Hoover Dam and The Second Battle Of Hoover Dam. In fact, during The First Battle Of Hoover Dam, NCR snipers eliminated the Legion Centurions, which caused the whole Legion force to cripple and break ranks. When captured, a centurion is expected to slit his own throat to avoid capture. Silus however, chose to be captured to try and escape captive later on. If the Courier helped him escape or not is unknown. Silus is also the only known member of Caesar's Legion to criticize Caesar's leadership. The following are some of the most well-known Centurions in Caesar's Legion.
Aurelius Of Phoenix-
Commander of Cottonwood Cove
Gaius Magnus-
Commander of Dry Wells and Conqueror of the 87th Tribe
(Possibly ghoulified)
Commander of a Legion battle unit
#3. New California Republic
The NCR is a make-shift government which originated as a small community in the town of Shady Sands. Today, the NCR has more members then any other faction in the wasteland, and controls Shady Sands, which was built from scratch after the war and is the NCR's future capital city. In addition to Shady Sands the NCR controls Arroyo (Southern Oregon) , The Boneyard (Los Angeles), Dayglow (San Diego), The Hub (Southern California), Klamath (Northern California), Maxson (Southern California), Redding (Southern Oregon), Vault City (Western Nevada) , and is currently attempting to defend New Vegas (Las Vegas).
Tactics And Power
The NCR has a vast army and its members range in the ten-thousands.
NCR soldiers wear combat armor and use various rifles, however soldiers in the Mojave wasteland receive low amounts of ammunition, weaker armor, and receive about two weeks of training. The NCR's army outnumbers every other faction in the wasteland.
Main Unit
The main unit of the NCR is the NCR trooper. A typical trooper wears light-leather armor, and is usually equipped with a semi-automatic "Service Rifle". However, they can also be equipped with a sniper rifle, cowboy repeater, and other basic weapons in rare instances such as the Second Battle of Hoover Dam. NCR troopers used to receive a decent amount of training, and wore effective combat armor, however due to a shortage of caps, troopers in the Mojave Wasteland only recieve about two weeks of training and wear cheap leather armor.
Secondary Unit
The NCR's secondary unit is the NCR Rangers. The rangers act as the NCR's special forces, volunteers with a high level of skill in combat and experience out in the wasteland. Rangers wear either light-clothing or Ranger patrol armor, and are usually carrying cowboy repeaters and .357 Magnum Revolvers. They can also carry Assault carbines, Brush guns, trail carbines, and Hunting rifles. NCR Rangers are also capable of performing the "Ranger Takedown", which is used to knock an enemy off their feet with either a palm-strike or a sweep-kick. In adition to the traditional rangers, there are also the NCR Veteran Rangers, who are even more elite. They wear "NCR Ranger Combat Armor", which is pre-war riot gear with a desert-ranger duster. These veterans carry the same rifles that the "basic" rangers carry, but can also be equipped with Anti-material rifles and Ranger Sequoia pistols. The signatures on the pistol means that the veteran carrying it has served in the NCR Rangers for twenty years or more. Most NCR Veteran Rangers are stationed in Baja "chasing ghosts", but some are sent to the Mojave to help the fight against the Legion. Because most Veterans are aged, lots of them tend to be ghouls, and it's believed that Veterans "Chew nails and spit napalm".
When the NCR attacked the Enclave base of Navarro, they also captured a fleet of vertibirds. Much like the Enclave, the NCR was able to use the vertibirds to their advantage. One of the captured vertibirds was nick-named "Bear Force One" and acts as the personal transport of NCR President Aaron Kimball. The NCR vertibirds are identified by the golden NCR logo and bears on them.
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