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Social networks caffe prezi

for caffe event

Jiri Stepan

on 25 May 2010

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Transcript of Social networks caffe prezi

Web 1.0 way Visitor = consumer Passive Linear where's the change? Interaction Reading Liking Creating content Disliking Why people share activities? ... it's natural ... it's possible and easy bigger activity = bigger EGO ... it's fun ... it's new Why go to social networks? Your (potential) customers are already there! What to do there? How measure online social presence? Communicate Publish attractive content Add social dimension to your data Ranking Playing with Jiří Štěpán email: jiri.stepan@etnetera.cz
http://twitter.com/JiriStepan Measure goals Any social network is just a traffic source How many visits / goals / transactions came from facebook Mesure influence Facebook Facebook page Facebook ppc add Facebook application Combination of your data and social relations Main principles Don't try to be a friend!
Offer content for sharing
Topics for discusions
Fun application
Tools for friend-to-friend communication
Make existing friendships more valuable Don't deliver only information
people don't look for information on FB Respect rules Twitter Other Location based - Foursquare.com Any phorum about YOUR topics Linked in - networking HR .... Main principles Bring something new to your folowers Comment existing in your way Use #hashtags PPC model, quite cheap Excelent targeting Low conversion for non-facebook content Update regulary Products, places, companys, services Don't promote general terms. More specific is often better
Something EXTRA for your fans Use text, images, application Use new widgets for web and facebook
page integration You are already there! This is only the end of whole process Why they came? Will came again? Measure reputation http://twendz.waggeneredstrom.com/ http://twinfluence.com How respected you are? How are you rated? What emotions are you connected to? Summary Thing about social potential of your service Find your customers's comunity or create it Care about this community Measure real goals, influence and reputation Why should anyone share activity between website and him? Join or select propper platform Publish regullary, publish original Communicate Promote using social tools
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