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Musical Timeline

Soul, Funk, Disco, Hip-Hop, Reggae

Ashley Hargette

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Musical Timeline

Soul, Funk, Disco,
Hip-Hop, Reggae Earth, Wind, and Fire release their first self-titled album. February 1971 1954 Ray Charles releases "I Got A Woman" Many Dibango releases "Soul Makossa"
considered to be the first disco hit 1972 Movie starring Jimmy Cliff called
"The Harder They Come" is released. 1973 DJ Kool Herc djs his sisters back-to-school party. August 11 1963 Bob Marley forms the Wailing Rudeboys (eventually becomes The Wailing Wailers) with Peter Tosh and Bunny Livingston. 1969 The Temptations win their first Grammy for "Cloud Nine." MoTown Records released Stevie Wonder's album Innvervisions. August 3 1974 Afrika Bambaataa forms Zulu Nation and categorizes his four elements of hip hop: DJing, Breaking, Gaf Artists, and MCing. 1975 October 20 The Bee Gees' song "Jive Talkin" hits number one on American charts. Marvin Gaye's album, Stubborn Kind of Fellow, and his song, "Pride and Joy," make him Motown's biggest solo artist. 1979 Sugarhill Gang's song, "Rapper's Delight,"
becomes the first known rap hit. Group 4
Kam Hardy
Ashley Hargette
Eric Lagueruela The Motown Sound also featured many elements that would be associated with the disco sound: In 1963
Martha & The Vandellas came out their first number on hit, "Dancing In The Street" World of Disco comes to a close. However,
the Gibson Brothers say that Disco will
never fade... Big Youth (Manley
upped the ante
with his wild
sociopolitical raps,
Skank. 1520 Hegwick
Avenue First Disco radio show is started in New York City. WPIX 102 FM 1967 Clive Campbell comes to the US.
He later changed his name to
Kool Herc... 1960 The term "reggae" is created in Jamaica. Originally was a style of dance but then came to be known as the specific type of music. Donna Summers is an up and coming artist. Her song "Love To Love You Baby" has reached number 2 at this point. 1976 1977 Saturday Night
Fever and its
soundtrack are
released. Creates
an explosion of
disco fever... HH Soul Reggae Reggae Soul Soul HH Funk Reggae Disco Soul Soul HH Reggae HH Disco Disco Disco Disco HH Disco 1965 James Brown releases "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag." He is considered to be one of the founding fathers of funk. Funk 1970 Tower of Power releases first album, East Bay Grease. They helped creating a broader audience within the genre. Funk 1963 13 year old Stevie Wonder performs "Fingertips pt. 2." This live song quickly made its way to the #1 spot. Soul 1973 Bob Marley and The Wailers
release "I Shot the Sheriff." Reggae April 26, 1977 Studio 54 opens in New
York and becomes one of
the most well-known nightclubs. Disco 1977 Rock Steady Crew is formed in the Bronx. This has become one of the largest break dancing crews in the world. Keith Elam, better
known as Guru, a Hip-hop legend was born. Outlandos d'Amour,
debut album by The
Police, is released. 1957 First Disco cover song: "Love Is Strange by Mickey & Sylvia. Disco July 17, 1961 HH 1975 Earth, Wind, and Fire's single "Shining Star" reaches #1. Funk Rock With You by
Michael Jackson was released. 1978 Reggae Soul
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