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Mohamed Aloush

on 7 August 2013

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Transcript of Sales

We support 9 countries:-

Levant: (LEB JOR
Yemen and
Receiving Channels

We receive customer's inquires through 3 communication channels: (Phone Calls, Voice Messages, E-mails and Fax)
Customer's Outgoing Channels

We reply on our customers inquires through 2 main channels (Phone calls and E-mails) and 1 secondary channel SMS.
Outgoing Channels

Calls, E-mails and SMS
Dealer's Outgoing Channels

We follow up with the dealers through (E-mails, Phone calls and SMSs)

Stands for First Contact Resolution, which means that we will answer the customer's inquiry through the call without the need to call him back, such as; customer asking about dealer's location, number or asking about his vehicle's warranty.

Customer has a complaint which requires investigation or advice from the dealer or
Reasons for complaints
Delivery Delay

If the customer is complaining that he didn't receive his vehicle on the promised date.

We will ask the customer about the complaint's full description including the promised date, then we will capture the needed data and promise the customer that we will check with the concerned dealer and get back to him within 24 hours.
Offers not as advertised

In such case we will confirm the the customer has a good understanding about the offer's details.

Then we will capture the required data and get back to the dealer if needed, promising the customer that we will check with the dealer and get back to him within 24 hours.
Legal Action
CCC Role From Service Operations Perspective (Top7)

Exhaust all available resources to ensure customer is completely satisfied in order not to escalate his concerns beyond CCC
Act as a safety net to recover customer back to dealer and GM Brand
Convey customer concerns back to dealer for proper addressing
Confirm dealer or GM’s stand in order for customer to eliminate any apprehension
Convey required information/feedback to customer, dealer or GM
Facilitate available services from GM to customer
Support/educate customers regarding topics listed in customer warranty booklet
Our Vision

You are the customer's lawyer

It is to take personal ownership for results

Demonstrate integrity and respect for others at all times
Go the extra mile to support the customer and deliver results
Accept responsibility when you fall short -- learn and improve, don’t rationalize and explain

• Talk harshly
• Back stab or Gossip
• Be rude to customers
• Bad mouth GM or Dealer
• Bring your personal life to work
• Say it's not your job
• Interrupt others
• Be a chronic complainer
Do's and Don'ts

Do know that you are GM’s last chance to recover the customer
Do know that it is an absolute disgrace for the entire GM organization if one customer with CCC history escalates to GM offices
Do your best to show ownership and accountability
Do your best to make him/her completely-satisfied
Do not panic if you are not familiar with automotive technical.
Ask when you are stuck with handling a customer
Do Know that GM Team is here to help you do a great job.
Do not be intimidated by some dealer staff. Report it to your supervisor!
Do not ever assume or guess! This opens a can of worms!
Do know that your role is very important for all GM – Customer – and yes: dealer
Sense of Judgment

Always know that processes are made to satisfy the customers, accordingly put yourself in the customer's shoes and decide whether the process will make you satisfied or not, if not, deviate from the process with a way or another, cause our target is not following the process, it's simply
So, where to you think these information will lead us ?!!!
Customer Complete Satisfaction
"Create Customers For Life"
Is to exceed Customer expectations and generate Customer Enthusiasm which will
Missing Option

If the customer is complaining that he received his vehicle and there is a missing option.

In such case we need to know the following:-

Whether he was advised from the sales rep that this option will be available in the vehicle or not.
His vehicle's trim level.

Then we will capture the needed data and promise the customer that we will check with the concerned dealer and get back to him within 24 hours.
Requesting GM Headquarter
Unreachable Dealer

If a customer is complaining that the dealer doesn't answer we will follow the below process:-

1- Check the number that the customer has.
2- If it's wrong one we will provide him the correct one and close the case.
3- If it's correct we will get back to the dealer informing him the customer's concern, asking him to call the customer or provide us a contact number.
4- Case will be closed after confirming with the customer that he has been contacted.
Payment option.
Customer asking about a vehicle's price.

In such case we will advise the customer that the prices are available through the dealer as we support 9 countries and each country may has more than 1 dealer.
Customer asking abot certain vehicle's availability.
Customer asking about purchase process or payment option.
Customer asking about vehicle's specs.

We will confirm which vehicle he is interested in and provide him with all the info he needs.

Provide the customer with the numbers of ALL the dealers in his reigon and capture the required info.
If the customer is asking about a certain offer or the available offers.

We will provide him with the offer details.

Take in consideration that the customer may ask about an offer provided by the dealer, in such case we will explain to the customer what is the different between us and the dealer and provide him with the dealer's number.
Required Data
“ First, second and third"
Phone number
E-mails Address
Vehicle info
"Most of cases you won't need to ask"
Source "How did the customer knew about us"
Receiving offers and news from GM through SMS.
Offer him a test drive ( No test drive available for pick ups ,corvette and Vans)
Preferred dealer.
It's a survey done with customers who recently purchased GM vehicles.

The Survey is divided into 4 sections.

1- Personal
2- Vehicle
3- Media

All the questions are optional.
A survey for the customers who used the RSA in order to rate the quality of the service provided to the customer, through several questions about response speed, equipments, tow vehicle cleanliness ... etc
PDI Issues
Vehicle Damaged before delivery
Case X Case
Sales dealer
Sales Person
Date of purchase or reserving.
Paid amount
Hot Leads Process
Fleet Process
Staff Attitude

If the customer is complaining that he was mistreated from the dealer.
Action To Take

We will check his concern with the Showroom normally, Except in the following Cases:-

1- If he mentioned the name of one of our contact (We will check with his manager)
2- If he mentioned the name of the Showroom manager (We will escalate to the SBM)
Lack of Orientation during Purchase Process.

In this case we have to take in consideration 2 issues:-

1- Have a problem.
2- Doesn't have a problem.
Action To Take

1- We will check with the dealer and get back to the customer within 24 hours.
2- Apologize and close the cases.
We should ask the customer about his owner vehicles from GM, and we will follow up accordingly and get back to him within 24 hours.
Refund Accessories Amount

Usually customers buy for accessories while purchasing the vehicle, and they want to get the money back.

In this case we need to know:-

1- The paid amount.
2- Cash or installments.

Then we will start following up with the dealer and get back to the customer within 24 hours.
Action To Take
Refer the customer to the dealer, provide him with the dealer's required info "Number, Location, working hours, etc..."
Parts and accessories
Customers may ask about the compatibility or availability of some parts or accessories.
Trade in "No Technical issue with the vehicle"
Ask the customer to Visit the showroom in order to evaluate the vehicle's price and to be informed with the new vehicle's price.
Provide the customer with the dealer's info.
Ask the customer to visit our website in order to download an electronic brochure, advising him that there is no available hard copies for the brochures. Providing him with our official website.
Test Drive
Ask him for the preferred dealer.
Inform the customer that we will send his request to the dealer, advising him that he will be contacted ASAP.
Asking for Special offers \ Discount "Loyal customer"
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