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The Black Death

An analysis of the symptoms and likely causative agents of the Black Death in the British Isles from 1348-1350.

Ashley Hubal

on 9 April 2011

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Transcript of The Black Death

The Black Death Symptoms Yersinia Pestis Xenopsylla cheopis Doubts? Overview Bubonic Plague Pneumonic Plague buboes
blistering and skin discoloration
bruising fever
coughing of blood, sputum
difficulty breathing
chest pain The Black Death was a formidable and terrible epidemic that spread primarily between the years of 1348 and 1350

Estimates of the number of people killed range from 100 million to 60% of the population

It is thought that eh plague had its origin in Asia, made its way through Easter Europe, then through to Italy and France, and finally to the British Isles

Its aftermath persisted until the 17th C The world's greatest serial killer? What else can we think of that killed up to,
in some accounts, 90% of a given population? Digestive tract
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