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Differences And Similarities Between Human, Dolphin, And Chimpanzee Brains

Lily Lewis

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Brains

By: Lily Kelsey And Mikayla Oryszczak Compare and Contrast Brains What questions are we going to answer? 1. What are the similarities and differences between human, dolphin, and chimpanzee brains?
2. What are the functions of a chimpanzee, dolphin, and human brain?
3. What are the different parts of the human, dolphin, and chimpanzee brains? Parts Of The Dolphin Brain 1.Corpus Callosum-a bridge of fibers between the 2 cerebral hemispheres
2.Optic tract- lower part of the brain
3.Pons-underneath the spinal cord
4.Pontine Flexure- in the pons
5.Inferior olive-under the spinal cord
6.Cerebellum- on top of the spinal cord
7.Spinal cord-around the cerebellum Parts Of The Chimpanzee Brain 1.Dorsal Straitum-near the ventral straitum
2.Substania Nigra- layer of gray tissue
3.Ventral Tegmental area-part of the mid-brain
4.Ventral Straitum-near the dorsal striatum
5.Central Sulcus-near the top of the brain
6.Occipital-in the cerebral hemisphere
7.Lunate Sulcus- in the occiptal lobe
8.Frontal-part of the cerebral hemisphere Functions Of The Human Brain -Cerebrum- controls sensing, thinking, learning, emotion, consciousness, voluntary movement
- Parietal Lobe-controls movement
-Occiptal Lobe-controls vision
-Temporal Lobe -controls language
- Frontal Lobe- controls planning
-Cerebellum-controls muscle movement
-Pons-controls sleep
-Corpus Callosum- Passes information
-Brain stem-controls body basics. Functions Of The Chimpanzee Brain 1. substania nigra: plays part in reward, addiction, and movement
2. venetral striatum: plays part in reward
3. dorsal striatum: plays part in decision making
4. ventral tegmental area: motivation
5. central sulcus: seperates the frontal lobe from the parietal lobe
6. frontal: controls planning
7. lunate sulcus: controls vision
8. occipital: controls vision -Corpus Callosum- carries information from the 2 cerebral hemispheres
-Optic Tract- controls visual system
-Pons- involved in sleep
-Pontine Flexure- nervous system
-Inferior Olive- controls coordination and learning
-Cerebellum- controls muscle movement
-Spinal Cord- controls the spine Although the chimpanzee looks a lot like humans and shares 99% of our DNA, their brains are not as similar to ours. The dolphin brain is the most similar to the human brain. The dolphin brain is the closest in intelligence and in size. Important Parts Of The Human Brain Functions Of The Dolphin Brain Our Hypothesis Lily- I think that the dolphin brain will be the most similar to the human brain.
Mikayla- I think the chimpanzee brain will be the most similar to the human brain. The Similarities Between The Dolphin, Chimpanzee, And Human Brains The Differences Between The Human, Dolphin, And Chimpanzee Brains Conclusion -Frontal Lobe: Cerebrum
-Temporal Lobe: Cerebrum
-Parietal Lobe: Cerebrum
-Occiptal Lobe: Cerebrum
-Cerebellum: Under The Cerebrum
-Pons: Cerebrum
-Corpus Callosum: Bridge of fibers between the 2 cerebral hemispheres
-Cerebrum: Upper skull
-Mid-brain:Middle of the brain
-Brain stem:Under the cerebellum and cerebrum - Large brains
-The brains develop quickly after they are born
- Can all have brain cancer
- Higher order thinking area is large in the dolphin and human brain
- All have a developed language system -The human brain is physically larger than the dolphin and chimp brain
-Humans are the smartest and dolphins are the second smartest
-Chimp brains do not shrink, but human brains shrink as they age
-No appropriate IQ test for a dolphin but there is for a human
-Adult dolphin brain: 3.3 lbs.,
- Adult human brain: 2.9 lbs.
- Adult chimpanzee brain: 2.17 lbs.
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