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Nona Farkas

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Start This is the Perkins Day Obstacle Course. Here you can go through a series of obstacles to get to class on time. Class was where Ruby met Olivia, her best friend who helped her adjust to her new school life at Perkins Day. When you get to the end before the time limit is over, you win a prize. I hope you enjoyed my park!
Read Lock and Key if you want to be know more about who and what the rides connect to! Perkins Day Welcome to my theme park, The Fear of Help. This park is based on the book Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen. The main character, Ruby, goes through a lot of experiences throughout the story and incorporates a lot of memories that she has. Come and enjoy the rides and attractions the park has to offer.
One ticket: By Ilona Farkas Harriet's Shop My first attraction is Harriet's Shop. At this store, you can buy beautiful jewelry of all kinds. In the book, Ruby works with Harriet at a jewelry kiosk. Ruby changed Harriet's life when Harriet finally accepted Ruby's help at the shop. Harriet was inspired by Ruby's necklace to make other necklaces like it. Oobleck The House Maze Welcome to The House Maze. During this mini-game, you must navigate through Cora and Jamie's huge house in order to find the closet where Roscoe (Jamie and Cora's dog) is hiding. Roscoe is terrified of the oven and hides in the closet when it turns on. Ruby often comforts him when this happens, so look as quickly as you can to help Roscoe feel better. The Pond Race During this ride you race across a giant pond in boats that look like the koi fish in Jamie's pond. The Pond Race only starts at night which was when Ruby found out about Nate's secret. This pond is almost haunted with the horrors of Nate's secret but still gives you a thrill of speed. The Fear of Help
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