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Harry Potter Characters

No description

Julia Lewis

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Harry Potter Characters

Harry potter Characters Harry Potter Hermione Granger Ronald Weasley Dumbledore Ginny Weasley Snape The Order of the Phonix neville logbottom Funny Brave Loyal Goofy Stubborn Sweet Good at Herbology Terrible at Potions Akward Silent Leader Wise Important Silver Hair half Moon Glasses Harry's mentor Mr. and Mrs. Weasly The Weasleys Lupin Tonks mad Eye-Moody Bill Weasley Snape Mrs. Figg Seemingly Mean Bravest of them All Loving Sharp/Abrupt hates harry Extremely Inelligent Couragous harry's Best Friend Logical Caring Loves House Elves Obviously meant for Ron from the Beginging Harry's Surrogate Family Aurther Weasley- DAD Molly Weasley- Mother Bill- oldest Charley-works with dragons Fluer-marries Bill Fred and George- twins- funny start a joke shop Ron-harry's Best Frend Ginny- Harry's GF- youngest Percy- Stuck up Prefect Brave Smart reckless caring main Character Harry's Girlfreind Sweet All have RED hair Couragous Good for Harry Great at Magic Extremely Smart Funny Harry's Best Freind Loyal Hagrid Harry's Friend half Giant Caring Loves animals Not that good at magic sweet Trelawney-Divination hagrid-Care of magical Creatures Teach Harry Magic Snape- Potions and Dark Arts Sprout-Herbology Slughorn-Potions McGonagall-Transfiguration Most are in the Order Flitwick-Charms Various Hogwarts Teachers Draco Malfoy Harry's Enemy From Syltherin Death Eater Kind of a Sissy Rotten Really Not as Bad as everyone Thinks The End
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