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Diction and Slanting

Word Choice is the most fundamental element of Style. Carefully choosing your words can mean the difference between getting what you want or being rejected. Slanting is modifying your words and details to lean towards the positive or negative.

Siggy Abuel

on 29 March 2017

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Transcript of Diction and Slanting

The Diction of Star Wars
Luke, based on your lineage, it behooves you to follow my lead and align yourself with the Dark Faction of the Force. Incidentally, I am your father. Together, we can enact a Coup d'etat against the current Emperor and institute a powerful hereditary monarchy.
Luke, I'm your daddy. Join the Dark Side. We can kill the Emperor and take over.
Luke, I am actually closely related to you. If you assist me, you can reap the benefits.
Luke, I am literally your father. Join me, and we can betray then kill the Emperor and take over the Empire that he set up.
Part One: L.E.A.D.
ead On (Specific)
Part Three: Objective vs. Subjective
Part Four: Slanting
Part Two: Low Diction Variations
It's a tactical pincer ambuscado!!! Man all battle stations!!!
Hey ya'll it's a trap! We gonna eat it! Get in yer spots!
Oh man, they were camping!!! We're gonna get pwned!!! Get your game on!!!
Anakin, you have the highest amount of midi-chlorians in your cells that we have ever seen!!!! That's a higher amount than Yoda's!!!
Wow. The force is really strong in you! How cool is that?
I made the Kessel Run in under 12 Parsecs.
A parsec is not a unit of time but that of distance.
I'm the fastest smuggler this side of Tatooine.
Don't you think you're being a bit arrogant? You are a bit of a scoundrel after all.
I equal Anakin Skywalker in amount of midi-chlorians.
The force is strong in me.
Did you guys hear? There are reports of
on this planet.
I heard that there are reports of
teddy bears
cute hoodies
on this planet.
I heard that there are reports of
on this planet.
Report that
Death Incarnate
is on this planet.
Play dead! Play dead! Play dead! Then maybe these
alien bears
wont shank me with a
There are four basic descriptions of word choice. Here is the college board recommended acronym with a slight modification.
Jargon is language that developed out of a profession, or is used primarily at a work place.
Colloquialisms are words and sayings that are used in a region that aren't officially considered real words or proper usage.
Slang is unofficial language used by a specific strata of people, which marks their age, style, and/or values.
language that is verifiable. It can be proved true or false and is often more specific.
language is unverifiable. It is dependent on perspective/opinion and is more akin to feelings than facts. Tends to be more abstract.
Slanting is modifying your word choice to make something sound more positive or negative. In the examples I provided I slanted wording to be more threatening(-) or less threatening(+). Pay attention to words in red.
Diction is just a fancy word for
. Choosing your words carefully is the beginning of
. It also is a way to augment your argument to have more "punch," to increase your credibility, or to evoke emotion.

Pay attention to the words that people are using when they are trying to be persuasive. The effects of modifying diction are many, and can easily trick people into saying and doing things they wouldn't have otherwise.
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