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John Shaw - Nature Photographer


Jacob Schumann

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of John Shaw - Nature Photographer

- Shaw has been a professional photographer since the early 1970s
- His work has been published in National Geographic Magazine, Nature’s Best, National Wildlife, Audubon, Outdoor Photographer, and many others
- He also publishes books
Who is John Shaw?
- John Shaw photographs birds, mammals, flowers, insects, and landscapes; anything that has to do with nature
- He also photographs patterns and colours
- He uses Digital Photography

What type of Photography is it?
Why did he choose to take pictures of nature?
Where does he go to take pictures?
How does he take pictures?
- He goes to remote places in the world and goes up mountains, rough terrain, and forests
- He is not just clicking a button, he uses the shutter speeds and settings to get the perfect picture
- When he is taking a picture, he has to get the perfect lighting on the object
- He uses Nikon equipment including a Nikon D3 with lenses from 17-35 mm widezoom to 500 mm
- He uses Digital Photography 100% of the time and has multiple hard drives to back up all of his pictures
- He keeps his original photos as a RAW file then converts them over to JPEG or PNG

Nature Photographer
John Shaw
Works Cited


Remote places in the world
1969 - present
- He started out in film then was given a meter less camera when he was in high school
- Using the camera he got hooked on photography
- He lived in the country and was interested in taking pictures of what was around him in nature

- John started his career shooting film
- Although the digital camera was not available until 1990, the most important technology behind digital cameras, the CCD or charge-couple device, was invented in 1969 and used in film
- In 1981, Sony came out with a prototype digital camera which could take still images and store them on a floppy disk.
- John Shaw started using a digital camera in 2006
- Digital technology continues to develop. Companies created cameras which allow significantly more detail in the pictures than the original film based models that John Shaw started his career with
- Digital cameras are still used today and will be in the future
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