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Teaching, learning and assessment

No description

Jonathan Goode

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Teaching, learning and assessment

Teaching, learning and assessment
- our commitment to you

Classroom visits
Heads of Learning will spend 15-20% of their time making informal visits to classrooms, to see what teaching and learning is taking place
Heads of Learning will provide a Teaching and Learning Update to their teams each fortnight – giving feedback on what they have seen
The updates are also part of the agenda for the Wednesday team meeting to help all staff share thoughts and agree actions

Learning Walks
One Learning Walk will take place each half-term
Each will have with an agreed theme
Walks are principally concerned with curriculum teams and the quality of the learner experience, rather than the performance of individual teachers
Graded lesson observations
Each member of staff will receive a grade that reflects performance in observed lessons. This grade will measure teaching, learning, assessment, feedback and learner experience. It will be arrived at in the following way:

This process shifts the emphasis from traditional observations so that individual lessons are seen within the context of the whole learner experience
This is a summary of our commitment to ensuring high standards of teaching, learning
and assessment at
Banbury and Bicester College
Teachers can expect three visits a term, each lasting 20-30 minutes
Teachers will receive a week’s notice
Visits are expected to take place from November 2013 to February 2014

Verbal feedback will be given with points to consider before the next observation – backed up by a bullet point list sent by email
A final summative document will be completed each term – a blank version of the form will be shared with staff beforehand to ensure criteria is clear

An overall grade will then be provided
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