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Melissa V.

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of QUINTE MRI


Goals & Objectives
Yesenia Claros
Melissa Valencia
Addeh Valijan
Lindsay Webb
1. Change/Update the scheduling process

2. Hire a second MRI Technologist

3. Transfer the scheduling responsibilities from BCMC

1. What is your analysis of the cause of the current bottleneck?

2. Where is the bottleneck in the process?

3. As Dave Wright and/or Kevin Saskiw, what would you recommend?
Benton-Cooper Medical Center (BCMC)

Private, non-profit, 144 bed community hospital

Provides primary care for 16,000 residents of Palmer County and regional services to 118,000 people in Adeline County
Competition in Creston County
200 bed hospital facility, 40 kilometers from Palmer County

Provides services to a community of 19,000 people
Opportunity to Grow & Outsource
Opportunity to compete successfully
Demand is high
Average scan rate in the U.S. is approximately 68 per 1,000 people
Higher cancer rate in Adeline County
Industry expected to grow steadily
February 2002- BCMC's CEO and Board approved the outsourcing of MRI Services to Quinte MRI
Quinte MRI, Inc.
International Service Provider specializing in medical diagnostic technologies including MRI services

Annual revenues of $1.5 million

20 employees in June 2002

Served three distinct clients:
Hospitals seeking to outsource
Physicians wanting to be partners in an imaging center
Individuals wanting to operate their own center
6 weeks in......
Quinte MRI’s leased MRI machine is not meeting its expected outputs as projected and is causing concern to both Quinte MRI and BCMC which has begun to lose revenue via referrals away from its clinic. Further, BCMC’s reputation is now at risk which could result in additional loses to the center. The root cause of the problem appears to lie with the scheduling of the scanning operations.
Waiting list of 14 days worth of MRI scans

Not meeting scan expectations
2 scans per hour

Heavy overtime schedule
Only 1 MRI Technologist

Loss of patient referrals
Dr. Syed Haider, Quinte MRI's CEO is expecting recommendations and an action plan in two days from BCMC's Business Development Coordinators outlining a solution to their problem.
Change the Scheduling System
Hire a New MRI Technologist
Transfer Scheduling from BCMC
The best choice is...
Change the Scheduling Process
Hire a New MRI Technologist
Goals & Objectives
Process Flow Chart
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