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Bridging the Generation Gap

No description

Erica Stallings

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Bridging the Generation Gap

Bridging the Generation Gap
Born before 1945
Includes the "Greatest Generation"
Great Depression
Respect for Authority

Baby Boomers
Born between 1946-1964
World War II
Equal & Civil Rights
"Keeping up with the Joneses"
Job-centered/goal oriented
Generation X
Born between 1965- 1977
Latch-key kids
MTV Generation
Friends over family
Individualistic/ Unique
Generation Y / Millenials
Born between 1978- 1990
Starbucks Generation
Helicopter parents
Tech savvy
Social Equality
Communication KEYS
Acknowledge their family & experience
In person
With honor (Sir or Ma'am)

Communication KEYS
Personal invitation
Acknowledge their position
Written Goal
Offer an award
Communication KEYS
They are unique & special
What's in it for their friends?
Use humor, make it FUN
Form a team/ Meet for lunch
Communication KEYS
Instant feedback
Flexible hours
Place value on their opinions
Group activities
Generation Z
Born after 1991
Newest generation to the workplace
Easily distracted?
Virtual relationships
Communication KEYS
Text/ Social Media
Be brief & immediate
Keep it interesting
Ask them!
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