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Change Your Perspective. Change the World.

Introduction to Atlas Corps.

Scott Beale

on 15 August 2011

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Transcript of Change Your Perspective. Change the World.

Our Mission: To address critical social issues, Atlas Corps develops leaders, strengthens organizations and promotes innovation to develop a global network of the world's best, rising nonprofit leaders.
We believe no one society has a monopoly on good ideas.
We believe the heroes of the world should be at least as well networked as the villians.
In five years, we have had seven classes, totalling 105 Fellows from 30 countries.
In 2008, the Brookings Insitution profiles Atlas Corps as a "best practice" in international exchange.
We believe that talent is evenly distributed in the world, but opportunity is not.
What do we believe?
Our Fellows
America on top and in the center.
Not always considering what we could learn at home.
This is how we view the world.
For 50 years international volunteerism has largely been a one way flow of Americans serving abroad.
We send volunteers overseas to solve the world's problems.
This is the story of how Atlas Corps is turning the world upside down with an innovative, sustainable, multilateral service corps.
But since 2006 a new model has developed called "Atlas Corps" where some Americans volunteer overseas, but an even larger number volunteer in the U.S.
Give me 10 minutes and I will change the way you view the world of international volunteerism.
And why it matters.
In 2011, we had 2,500 candidates from 130 countries apply for 50 positions (2% acceptance rate).
What is Atlas Corps?
Atlas Corps is an overseas management development program and international network for the world's best, rising nonprofit leaders
We are a leadership program for individuals addressing critical social issues.
We strengthen organizations by placing long-term skilled professionals in volunteer positions.
We are a global network reaching over 105 leaders and 30 countries.
We are a social venture; 80% of our funding comes from a host organization cost share.
In a multilateral world, we are the future of international service, with organizational values and beliefs that are universal.
We believe that international service does not have to be expensive, it can be financially sustainable too.
do we do?
We bring nonprofit leaders from around the world with 2-10 years of experience to volunteer at host organizations in the U.S.
We also send rising leaders from the U.S. and other countries to serve in Colombia.
During the year the Fellows are enrolled in a management development training program.
The Host organizations pay a cost share, in the U.S. about $30,000, that covers 80% of the program expenses.
After 12-18 months, the Fellows return home and create a global network of the world's best nonprofit leaders.
Who are
our Fellows?
The average age of our Fellows is 29 years old, 65% have post graduate education, they are rising leaders in their country.
Who are the Hosts?
How is it sustainable?
What have we achieved?
Ultimately, how will the world be changed?
How can you help?
Read Applications.
Support our work.
Nominate Candidates.
Become a mentor.
Spread the word.
Introduce Host organizations.
Join our newsletter.
Join our social networks.
Become a social sponsor.
Who is our team?
Scott Beale,
Founder & CEO
Sara Potler, COO
Abby Flottemesch,
Development & Engagement Director
Carol Mondragon, Colombia Country Director
Aparna Kothary, U.S. Program Manager
New York Director
Senior Advisory Board
Board of Directors
Vinod Bhatt, Web Manager
Gared Jones, Chair
Julia Cohen
Scott Beale
Pratichi Shah
Courtney Beale
Manmeet Mehta
Jamie Zembruski
Camila Payan
Lincoln Willis
We partner with some of the most well respected organizations in the world.
Zach Przystup,
U.S. Program Manager
Bill Drayton
David Bornstein
Mark Vlasic
Dawn Rittenhouse
Ed Freel
Geri Critchley
Senator Harris Wofford
Ramesh Bajpai
We have won 5 online contests raising over $400,000.
In 2010, the U.S. Center for Citizen Diplomacy named us one of the 10 best international exchange program in the U.S.
In 2010, Scott Beale was named "Citizen Diplomat of the Year" by the U.S. Center for Citizen Diplomacy.
The Center for Nonprofit Advancement named Atlas Corps one of the three best managed nonprofits in DC with a budget under $10m in 2011.
In 2008, the Washington Post named Scott Beale, "The Nonprofit Entrepreneur."
In addition, we have a diversified fundraising based with corporate (Pepsi, Chevron, Dupont, Chase), government (U.S. and Colombia), foundation (Case, Omidyar), and individual donors (nearly 3,000 people).
Atlas Corps is creating a sustainable, multilateral professional, service corps. A network of the world's best nonprofit leaders.
Good ideas and talented people will cross borders to address critical social issues and a global network, built on mutual respect and shared, common experiences will evolve to promote cooperation to address the world's most critical issues.
Atlas Corps is not just addressing the world's biggest challenges today, we are building a global network of development leaders to effectively tackle the world's biggest challenges of tomorrow.
We want you to not only imagine this better world with us, but we also want your help.
Encourage your friends to learn about Atlas Corps by going to www.atlascorps.org and facebook.com/atlascorps and by sharing this presentation at http://bit.ly/atlasprezi
Thank you! To get involved, or learn more, email info@atlascorps.org.
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