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HH&S Subscription Services

No description

Neil Martin

on 7 November 2016

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Transcript of HH&S Subscription Services

Subscriptions Services
Pre Paid

Marketing Services
Introducing HH&S
HH&S have been providing circulation and subscription solutions to the publishing industry for over 29 years

We have expertise and resources in all aspects
of subscriptions

Throughout the years, HH&S have built a strong
publishing client base working with some of the
UK's biggest publishing groups

HH&S also work with publishers to source added value
promotions giving us a fully rounded view of a
publisher's marketing needs
The opportunity of subscriptions
We believe in taking an analytical and creative view of subscriptions

Own the direct transactional relationship with the end customer
Various fulfilment options: postal, vouchers, HND or digital
Opportunity for direct customer communication
Create a customer database
Increase frequency of purchase and readership
Management of churn
Platform from which to market other enterprise services
Up-sell / Cross-sell eg) digital products
Our Services
HH&S offer the full subscription service

Multi-channel Subscriptions Platform
Business Development
CRM Database Management
Fulfilment Services
Customer Care
Campaign Planning & Analysis
Marketing Communications Design
What makes us different
HH&S was first established as a sales promotion and marketing agency with 29 years of experience of creating sales

Bespoke solutions for the client

Breadth of experience


Extensive newspaper subscription

Client side experience

HH&S created the first subscription smartcard and multi-channel subscription platform.

Mike Halstead
Managing Director
Catriona Gray
Group Account Director
Rhian McPherson
Subscriptions Manager

Customer Management & Fulfilment
Platforms & Databases
Web based
Customised functionality
Handles multiple campaigns
Multiple payment solutions
Multiple currencies
Data extracts
Reporting & analytics
Processing refunds / cancellations
Customer facing account
Handling acquisitions & renewals
Ad-hoc products / back issues
Intuitive Customer Interface
Customers manage their own account through a web

Subject to your business rules, they can:

Renew subscriptions
Add a new subscription
Check DD payment dates and values
Check mailing dates
Order paid for back copies or single items
Alter their opt in / out permissions
Book holidays for HND newspapers

However, they cannot:

Cancel their own subscription
Order replacement vouchers or magazines
Access the notes made by the customer service team
Real time reporting enabling strategic decision making and greater campaign visability

Live customer output
Topline numbers
Financial summary
Forward liability
ABC reporting
Best in class
3rd parties
Polybagging &
Free gifts, back issues & ad-hoc purchases
Loyalty welcome packs
Newspaper vouchers
Keep SubscriptionSave.co.uk with your current provider and feed the data into our database via sftp

Keep your current provider and feed data via sftp

Option 1
: Keep your current provider and offer the same options as you currently do
Option 2
: Have a link from SubscriptionSave site t one hosted by HH&S which will allow the option of HND through PaperRound

Customer account management pages to be hosted by HH&S
Payment Options
Moving subscription fulfilment provider is complex

Data transfer
Web services
Customer care transfer
Legal documentation
Partner integration
Establishment of CRM systems

The key to seamless migration is meticulous planning and attention to detail
Customer Service
Our customer service team manage:

Welcome letters and emails, including gift cards where relevant
Renewal letters and emails
Failed direct debit follow up
Pro forma invoices
Processing cheque / credit card / direct credit refunds
Ad hoc emails broadcasts and mailings
Opening and sorting returned mail
Lapsed subscriber reactivation
Call Centre Services

Addition of new customers
Take payments
Edit existing customer details
Add customer service notes and history
Subscriber account management
Payment history
Edit direct debit details
Customer care resolution
Handle customer feedback
Customer service -
Experts in their field
Regular product training
Weekly team updates
Staff retention (average 2 years)
Immediate feedback of issues from team to management
Team encouraged to put forward suggestions of how to improve the service
Customer Helpline Feedback
Excellent - I'm a convert
Carl Goodrum
Thanks for your call. I see you've had your website modified. Very go ahead organisation when so many are bogged down with bueaucracy. Have ordered my subs
The young lady I spoke to could not have been more helpful and courteous
Ian Austin
I wanted to say a big thank you to you for sorting all my queries and requests
Gwen Williams
Many thanks for getting back to me so quickly and for a thoroughly brilliant service
Roy Scanes
Not only are you getting things right with the editorial aspects of your newspaper, your marketing and customer relations are second to none
John Senior
You're doing wonderful job - keep up the good work!
Keith Wilson
Redemption Process
Voucher Types
Dated & Personalised

Use it or lose it

Non dated or personalised

Entry Level
Smart Card for use with PayPoint and ePay
Track use in real time
Personalised and dated PDF

Customer printed vouchers
Mobile Vouchers
PaperPay is a digital subscription app
Vouchers are delivered to a smart phone
Multiple title functionality
PayPoint, Pay Zone and ePay
Complete service offering
Marketing messages and survey opportunities
Comprehensive data reporting
Marketing Services
Creative design
Campaign planning
Direct marketing
Rewarding loyalty
Retention & reactivation
Trade marketing
Event management
Partnership marketing
Campaign Types
Acquisition Marketing
Follow up campaign
Smart card
Tailored offer
Schools Acquisition Marketing
Attract subscribers from a new market
Targeting schools with a 36 week subscription
Encouraged to purchase multiple subscriptions
Bespoke landing page
Free trial offered to boost brand
Reactivation Marketing
Subscription Incentives
New subscriber recruitment

Renewal rewards

Lapsed incentives

Loyalty gifts
Upselling Innovation
Yorkshire Post Flexi Vouchers
Upsell Saturday readers to weekdays
30 week day vouchers to use over a 3 month period
Upsold after the first renewal to a standard 6 day subscription
Business Acquisition Development
Partnership innovation
Cross Selling
Cross Selling - offers of last resort
Alternatives to overcome objections:

- Smart cards
- Casual vouchers
- Flexi vouchers
- Mobile vouchers
New Initiatives - Database Building
Sourcing and creating in paper promotions and competitions to collect casual reader data
Designed to appeal to a broad range
Online competition platform
Follow up subscription campaigns
Jamie Magazine Members Club
Exclusive subscriber club to reward loyalty, increase retention and drive acquisitions

Secure log in via an API into the subscriptions database

Special offers and competitions from the Jamie Oliver Group and third parties

Offers souced by HH&S and updated for each issue

Offers redeemed by promotional code or by dynamic personalised pdf vouchers
Marketing Members Club
The Events
Exclusive reader events

In the last year, Jamie has held 4 events as well as a cooking holiday with the editor

Tickets are purchased through the Members Club website

Generate additional revenue

Pre Paid vouchers for magazines
Driving incremental sales from customers adverse to 'use it or lose it' subscription
Opt to pay for discounted vouchers that are redeemable over a given period
Recruited via instore merchandising, direct marketing, in magazine / paper
or online
Build a direct relationship with casual customers
Creative Services
HH&S offer a complete creative solution from advertising and direct mail to emails and brochures.

Our in-house studio will immerse themselves in your brand to offer a range of creative services;

Digital assets
Partnership Marketing
Prospect Analysis & Acquisitions
Retention / Lapsed Reactivation
Incentive Promotions
Bespoke Loyalty Platform
Reader Surveys
Gemma Heavens
Account Director
Digital Edition Subscriptions
Independent App launch
- Customers download app for a free trial period
- eCRM campaign to communicate with users during their trial
Pagesuite - Johnston Press
- Digital only subscription
- Bundle with print subscription
- HH&S devised marketing campaign to support the launch
Direct debit
FastPay - Bacs commercial bureau
Clients use their own SUN so money is paid directly into their account

Credit Card
Work with the client's nominated processor
Secure links with World Pay, TNSI, SagePay
Cybersource and Global Iris

Using the client's own account
Building specific packages for businesses to drive subscriptions and advertising revenue, for example:

10 Print subscriptions
10 Digital subscriptions
20 Individuals given access to loyalty scheme
Businesses write one story/month for local title
Discounted advertising
Contra deal negotiated by HH&S on behalf of our local newspaper clients

Packaging newspapers together

Adverts in the magazine direct potential subscribers to a bespoke landing page

All titles run adverts for Reader's Digest in return

Discussing similar deals with other third parties
Cross Selling Innovation
Weekly Scottish titles
Daily deal websites
Online magazine retailers
Schools and businesses
Recommend a friend
Price freeze
Brand building and circulation campaigns
Free and discounted trials
Gift incentives
Loyalty and members club
Customer takes out their
subscription by a number
of different mechanics
Voucher are processed by a fulfillment house within 7-14 days
Customer receives their vouchers and then either redeems them one by one with the retailer or gives the retailer the whole booklet at once
Retailer logs all the vouchers he has received and sends them off to the wholesaler along with his newspaper returns
Wholesaler counts and processes all the vouchers and passes credit to the retailer
Wholesaler charges publisher / distributor. This can be up to 4 months after the voucher is first issued
Vouchers incur a 1-2p handling charge paid to both the retailer and wholesaler
Partnership Marketing
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