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The Mango Curry Express- An Analogy of the Animal Cell

Animal Cell Analogy

ayrton ortiz

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of The Mango Curry Express- An Analogy of the Animal Cell

There is mango curry Created by, Ayrton Ortiz & Bhagatvir (BJ) Jhuti Nucleus Ribosome The Ribosome Produces Proteins that is used inside/outside the cell The Animal Cell Mitochondria Golgi Body Lysosome Contractile Vacuole Cell Membrane Endoplasmic Reticulum The Nucleus
Controls all cell activity The chef provides food for inside/outside the restaurant. The Mitochondria breaks down sugar molecules to release energy (provides energy for the cell) Electric power generator is the power supply for the restaurant The admissions office controls all of the restaurants activity's The flagella helps with movement of the cell and movement of substances in the cell The Busboy helps with the movement of goods through the restaurant The Golgi Body stores and modifies the substances made by the ER & packages them into vesicles for secretion out of the cell The packing department packages everything for the restaurant for delivery out of the restaurant The Lysosome are vesicles that contain digestive enzymes & Break down engulfed bacteria/virus and worn out organelles The janitors are equipped with cleaning weapons to rid of dirt and clean the restaurant Chefs Electric power generator Flagella Busboy Packaging Department Janitor The vacuole stores food and water in the cell Freezer The freezer stores the food for the restaurant The cell membrane provides support for the cell and allows materials to go in and out of the cell Structure of restaurant and doors The structure provides support for the restaurant and the doors allow for objects to go in and out Transports the proteins made by the Ribosomes to the Golgi apparatus Waiter The waiters transport food made by the chefs throughout the restaurant Cytoskeleton Strengthens cell and maintains shape Pillars, walls, beams, and ceiling etc... The pillars, walls and etc... help maintain and strengthen shape of the restaurant Enjoy the Samosas Restaurant THE END
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