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Imagineering Presentation

No description

Diede Brok

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Imagineering Presentation

Diede Brok Diede Brok Leisure Manager - Imagineer. Step 1. Volunteering Step 2. Internship Step 3. Minor Imagineering
Efteling Academy Concept development "de verhalenstoel" Step 4. Graduation at Stage Business Thesis: "Van Keuzemoeheid
naar het Nieuwe Positioneren". - Studentcousil Maaslandcollege
- Staff Association Albert Heijn
- Public relations manager Student Association Bliz An insight in the path of what made me into the competent change agent I am today; together with a quick view into my perspectives on the usability of Imagineering for your company. Step 5. Master Imagineering Business Innovation from the
experience perspective The in's and out's of Imagineering from the business perspective. Imagineering? What? How? Why? Who? The magic * The new directions * The paradigm shift * World 2.0 * Value Creation

Organizatorial Transformation
Designing for Engagement
Anticipation Appreciative Inquiry
Qualitative Research
Changing the dialogue Connectivity
Complexity Wikinomics & Mass collaboration Collective intelligence & Open innovation Online social activism & Positive Organizatorial Scolarship Self-organizing & Social development Goods dominant logic Service, rather than goods, is the fundament of economic- and social exchange Service dominant logic Purpose of economic activity is to make and distribute units of output, preferably tangible World 2.0 World 1.0 Creating meaningfull, memorable experiences Meaning Erlebnis Erfahrung Immediate
Individual Knowledge through travel
Fundament for future actions M. Hover (2011) Meaningfull Experience model "Taart van mijn Tante"
Nike +
Starbucks Coffee Company It's not about food, It's about expression! The mission starts with you It's not about food, It's about expression! Nice to meet you / it makes sense. contagious transformation 4 C's engagement meaningfull differentiate opportunity valuable possibility memorable anticipation GDL > SDL new direction The mission starts with you Diagnotisic Dialogic Nice to meet you Changing the dialogue - Stage Venues, (AFAS) Circustheater
Employee department Sales & Events
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