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Friendship & Professional Relationships

No description

Sammy Wilkinson

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Friendship & Professional Relationships

Friendship & Professional Relationships
Friendships are voluntary, and are selected based on attraction and cost/reward
Social Relationships with Co-Workers
Co-workers are usually your peers.
You spend the most time with them.
You share common experiences.
Social dimension- your personal relationship with the co-worker
Task dimension- professional relationship
Social Relationships Between Superiors and Subordinates
Friendships between superiors and subordinates are considerably more complicated.
Research shows that being friends wit your boss usually adds to your job satisfaction.
These friendships are able to maintain if both parties realize that friendship and work relationship needs to be separate.
A situation that is problematic for superior-subordinate relationships is the case where the subordinate feels as if he or she has been sexually harassed.
Social Relationships with Clients

Social relationships with clients can be highly rewarding.
They can benefit your organization because they can be the major reason why customers comeback.
However, social relationships with clients need to have clear boundaries between personal and professional relationships.
Social relationships with clients can be successful if both parties agree that their professional relationship is separate and should be treated professionally.
The Quiet One

The Talker

The Rude One
Discussion Question:

Explain a time when personal feelings good or bad interfered with your professional relationships?
Optimal number of Facebook friends is 300
Friendships usually for with peers (of equal status)
Same Sex Friendships
Women tend to value conversational and emotional expressiveness
Men tend to focus on shared activities and interests
Opposite Sex Friendships
Many have some degree of romantic or physical interaction
Provide men with chance to be emotional and women to share in activities
Friendship Lifespan
Role-limited interaction, Friendly relations, Moves toward friendship, Nascent friendship, Stabilized friendship, Waning friendship
Friendships may end if they are repeatedly wronged
Many friends "drift apart" (change of life circumstances
What are some relationships you have with your co-workers?
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