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Dystopia in h.G. Wells' The Time Machine

No description

Jasmine Armstrong

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Dystopia in h.G. Wells' The Time Machine

Speculative Fiction Speculative Fiction H.G. Wells and Speculative Fiction in The Time Machine Although there were books that were about sending people through time, there weren't books that were written about the far fetched future and the scientific theory of the evolution of the Earth, even the astronomy of the universe. Noted unconventional or even groundbreaking means about the rhetor's uses of genre instils horror in the reader by...

-making them think about the future and what it may have in store for humanity.

-instating the possibility that the Morlocks could eat Weena or even the time traveler.

Horror Science Fiction Genre elements, associated conventions and tropes? Examples: Speculative Fiction is an umbrella term enclosing many imaginative fictional styles of writing. The sub genres used in The Time Machine are....

*science fiction
*dystopian society -The concept of Time travel

-The drastic change in the appearance of the human race (Darwinism) -Horror
-Science Fiction
-Dystopian Literature -The Heart of Darkness
-The Invisible Man
-The First Men in the Moon
-When the Sleeper Wakes Opens the book in a very insightful manner, yet how his style of writing progresses from painfully descriptive to ridiculously simple throughout the novella. Styles of Speculative Fiction: ~Science Fiction




~Dystopian Fiction -oppression of the both parts of society imposed on by each other.
•Science Fiction: The existence of a functioning time machine and the ability to travel through time and meet beings similar to humans is an extremely unnatural occurrence in the field of possible scientific innovations
•Supernatural Fiction: Is a combination of unnatural occurrences that go against social norms and beliefs.
•Dystopian Fiction: The existence of the upper class living in fear and the lower class’s inability to wonder in the light creates hindrances to both classes of society. Conventions and Expectations •Horror: The horror is apparent in this story in relation to the hardworking lower class. The author’s description of the creatures that only come out at night and feed off of the upper class in a cannibalistic manner brings fear to the reader. First book ever about going into the future. "I banged with my fists at the bronze panels." "The delicate little people must have heard me hammering in gusty outbreaks a mile away on either hand, but nothing came of it" (Wells 32). Dystopian Fiction -The division that H.G. Wells describes between the the Eloi and the Morlocks and how it relates to modern society.
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