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Under Armour

Brand Management

Graham Wheeler

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Under Armour

Brand Awareness
- New marketing campaign
- Introduction of new shoe line
- "Charge RC"
- Included Tom Brady, Cam Newton & George St. Pierre
- Commercials made to demonstrate versatility, support and endurance of the product
Brand Loyalty
Survey #2

Under Armour:25%

- Ranked above Reebok,
Adidas & New Balance
- Founded in 1996
by University of
Maryland alumni,

Kevin Plank

- Football player
frustrated with
team's equipment
- Initially only
developed shirts with
hopes to keep fellow
athletes dry during
games and workouts

- Sold product out of
the trunk of his car

- Made
in his
first year of sales
- 1 year later, 10 NFL teams and 12 NCAA
football squads were using Plank's gear

- Under Armour sales jumped to $100,000
in 1997 and gradually increased on
an annual basis for the next 3 years

- Reached $1 billion through sales in its
short history in 2010

- Started marketing campaign in 2000 through
both print and commercial advertising
Brand Recall
- Under Armour is recalled by
customers in the active wear
and synthetic use categories

- When polled, consumers chose
Nike over Under Armour for their
athletic apparel
(Nike: 46.5%, Under Armour: 22%)

- Only 10.5% could recall the new
campaign's slogan

- With recent brand extensions,
Under Armour's brand recall
will increase
Superbowl: 2008
- Unveiled new cross-training
shoe in Superbowl commercial

- Endorsed high-school, college,
and professional athletes

- Experienced consumer
awareness growth
Brand Association
- Endorsement of professional
athletes influence consumer behavior

- Association shift from exclusive
professional wear to everyday
workout clothing
Greivis Vasquez

Kemba Walker
Brandon Jennings
Derrick Williams
Brand Image
"What comes to mind when
you think of Under Armour?"
Sport Precision
- "Clean Cut" image

- High quality gear worn by
high quality athletes

- 78.5% of survey takers rated the quality of Under Armour products at an 8 or higher out of 10
- Survey results point
to very active and
"intense" overall image

- Under Armour wearers
are serious about their
specific game/sport and
work extra hard to be the
best players they can be
Current Standing
Market Position
- Under Armour dealt with a
highly saturated market and
succeeded by creating a unique
product amongst competition

- Stands among the world's elite
athletic brands

- Sparked a new era of
commercial advertising
and corporate sponsorships
of major events (NFL Combine)
Sales are estimated to reach as much as
$1.35 billion

by the end of this year

Under Armour's Brand Value
$530 million
"Ignite Your Game"
-In Survey 2, only 7% of the
survey takers had seen the
new campaign’s TV commercial
(Tom Brady)
-In Survey 3, only 19% of survey
takers had seen the new
campaign’s TV commercial
-Average is %13 of our survey
takers had seen the new
campaign commercial
Survey Results
Survey #3

Under Armour:19%
Our survey shows that quality actually matters more at purchase point than price

Under Armour should continue focusing on marketing the quality of their products
59% of our survey takers were women,
and 46% of our survey takers purchase
nike primarily

Nike does a great job targeting women,
and we think that Under Armour should
work on targeting women as well
Come up with another slogan
that will have the impact of
“Protect this house”

Slogan should target both
men and women

We have protected this house,
thank you.
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