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Copy of Copy of Untitled Prezi

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raees ali

on 19 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Untitled Prezi

atm is an electronic device is convenient for the transfer of money by using local area and wide area networking presented to: sir fazal murtaza and bee-4a history:
the idea of self-service in retail banking developed through independent and simultaneous efforts in Japan, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States
he first ATM was put into use in 1959 in the Kingsdale Shopping Center
In simultaneous and independent efforts, engineers in Japan, Sweden, and Britain developed their own cash machines during the early 1960s ATM Networking When a transaction is made, the details are inputted by the card holder.
information is send to host processor.
host processor checks these details
If the details are correct, the requested cash by the card holder is taken
After this function is carried out, the processor sends an approval code to the ATM machine so that the cash can be transferred How ATM Works? conclusion Sketches There are mainly two types of ATM’s which differ according to the way they operate. They can be called as
1.Leased-line ATM
2.Dial-up ATM machines
any ATM machine needs a data terminal
with two inputs and four output devices
A leased-line ATM machine has a 4-wire,
point to point dedicated telephone line
which helps in connecting it with the
host processor.
dial-up ATM machines only has a
normal phone line with a modem
and a toll free number. NAME: ARIF HUSSAIN (01-133112-197)



TOPIC: ATM MACHINE defination:
ATM’s definition is as an interface and protocol. It is designed to switch constant and
variable bit-rate traffic over a common transmission medium. An ATM is typically made up of the following devices:
•CPU,Chip card,•PIN,•Secure cryptoprocessor,•Function key,•Vault to control the user interface and transaction devices CPU Chip card reader to identify the customer Chip card PIN Pad manufactured as part of a secure enclosure. •Secure cryptoprocessor, generally within a secure enclosure.used by the customer for performing the transaction Secure cryptoprocessor Function key buttons (usually close to the display) or a Touchscreen (used to select the various aspects of the transaction)

•Function key to store the parts of the machinery requiring restricted access Vault ATM Addresses: ATM addresses are needed to support the use of virtual connections through an ATM network. At the simplest level, ATM addresses are 20 bytes in length and composed of three distinct parts. The first 13 bytes identify a particular switch in the ATM network.
next 6 bytes identify the mac address
last bit is used for multiple end point identifier the end thanks it is an electronic device used in cards to accept the card holders information
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