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When I was an cheerleader

No description

Na'Quita Santana

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of When I was an cheerleader

By; Na'Quita Santana When I was a cheerleader I'm going to talk to you about when I was was a cheerleader from the past to now . I started cheering when I was going to spring hill elementary. When I tried out when I was in kindergarten I loved crowds i really don't know why though . I've always wanted to cheer. I tried out because .... I felt safe beacuse my granny, daddy, and mamawas always there to see me . Spring Hill Elementary The school ,(1st) I went to shacklette for the last year. The school the, (2ND) I was in fifth grade. I had good times 1- didn't get my physical. The reason why... 2-wanted to try something new. 3-maybe wanted more space and feelings. My mama What Influenced me? My Granny My Daddy My name is Na'Quita Santana This is the chool I've done cherring for 2yrs. They all influenced me of doing this in a psitive way and I thank them for being there for me . Random Pics Video of 2012 of me cheering I knew I wasn't going to make it because I could feel it. When I didn;t make it.... 1- I felt some girls were better. 2- I was okay because my best friend diddn't make it. 3-I was too shy to even make it. 4- and I wasn't loud enough But I was okay because I knew I would or could make it the next time and I did . If I didn't know or like cheering I would..... I would have done dancing. Maybe I would have done stepping. But anything would be okay too. Now Before I would like to thank you for watching , THANK YOU "When I was A cheerleader" THANKING I would like to thank Mrs.Repp for giving me an idea of what I'm presenting to you now."thanks ms.repp" I wpold like to thank my mama, daddy, and granny for letting me have this excperience in my life from that day.
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