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No description

Team 3 MGMT 313

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of Diversity

There is an outstanding increase in the number of women and ethnic minorities entering the workforce.
Diversity becoming more important
The different types of diversity
of diversity problems
MGMT 313
Wednesday, November 5, 2014
Team 3
Definition: (Diverse)
What is it?
The main
that diversity causes for teams
Why is it so important to understand?
of a different kind, form, character; unalike
The very core of teamwork is diversity; it's the integration of differences.

It is also one of the biggest challenges of teamwork

It's very difficult to get different people, with different ideas, skills, knowledge, backgrounds, etc. to work together effectively.

Diversity has many meanings, which have different impacts on how groups function.
Technology, lifespan, design, globalization, and delayed retirement, are all factors increasing diversity.
All types of jobs and levels of organizational hierarchy are being filled with a wide variety of different people.
Race and ethnicity
Age or generational
Sexual orientation

Values, beliefs, and attitudes
Personality, cognitive and behavioral skills
Knowledge, skills, and abilities
Department or division
Don't let our differences divide us.. What makes us different should unite us!
Trait vs. Expectation
trait approach
is more about how people act. The fact that people come from different backgrounds and act differently, will affect how they interact with a team.
expectations approach
focuses on the idea's people have, about what other people are like.
Social Processes:
Social competition and conflict are huge sources of problems when dealing with diversity.
Cognitive Processes:
People naturally categorize their social world into groups and then treat the members of those groups differently based on their categories.
Leader Behavior:
The relationship between a team and its leader can be crucial when trying to be an effective team. (Leader-Member exchange theory)
Emotional Distrust
Failure to Use Team Resources
Differences in values and behavior.
False stereotypes and prejudices.
Ignore or misinterpret contributions
In-group members vs. out-group members.
Emotional issues cause group process problems.
Prevent the benefits of group cohesion.
Ignoring minorities can cause huge disadvantages within a group.
Minorities have a harder time being accepted into social groups.
Diversity in:
"The Avengers"
Recap on what we've learned
The Importance of diversity now
The main problems that diversity can cause.
Causes of diversity problems
Different approaches to explain diversity
The different types of diversity
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