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Welcome to World History A

No description

Raven Warford

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Welcome to World History A

Classroom Introductions
What has been the highlight of your life so far?
Welcome to World History A
W/ Mrs. Warford

Who is this lady?
Mrs. Warford! (Johnson)
Stay on Pace!
Have you seen the pacing calendar?
Discussion Boards
Writing Projects
Classroom Introductions
Who is Mrs. Warford?
Pacing Calendar & Syllabus
Discussion Boards
Writing Projects
Adobe Participation
Share at least one thing about yourself that others might find interesting!
Graduate of THE University of Arizona & Grand Canyon University
Wife & Mother --- Not too available on the weekends
My 1st year at Primavera
Almost 3 years of teaching!
Have you used the Syllabus?
Where can you find the links?
What day is project 3 due?
Copper = 5 Points
- 1-2 Sentences
Bronze = 10 Points
- 2-3 Sentences
Silver = 15 Points
- 3-4 Sentences
Gold = 20 Points
- 4-6 sentences
Identify the question you will answer, and answer only ONE question per thread, create a new thread per question answered.
20 % of your grade so take them seriously
TWO post per day/lesson = 10 post per week
There are TWO projects for WHA
Close Reading Project -
Due January 30th
Personal Narrative-
February 6th

Late Policy
Any Close Reading Projects turned in after
will be deducted 20%
Any Personal Narratives turned in after
will be deducted 20%
Adobe Participation
10% of overall Grade
ONE Adobe session/week
SIX total Adobe sessions for the course
Unable to attend for a VALID reason
Permission from me to do the recording
Adobe will NOT be sent out they will be in the course announcements
Minimum of 3 Sources
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