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18.4 Two Nations LIve on the Edge

No description

Zach Lovell

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of 18.4 Two Nations LIve on the Edge

Renewed Confrontation
Eisenhower reluctantly admits spying
Promised a halt, no apology
Khrushchev cancels summit meeting
Opened tension once again in 1960s
A Close Call
Vasili Arkhipov:
Soviet officer during Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962
Ordered to fire nuclear torpedoes
Refused the order, preventing WWIII
Returned home as a humiliation to the Soviets but shall remain one o
The Cold War Spreads Around the World
CIA: Central Intelligence Agency
Iranian oil predicament
U.S. invades Guatemala
Warsaw Pact
Geneva: a step toward peace
The Cold War Takes to the Skies
Stalin dies in 1953, Nikita Khrushchev takes over
Space Race
- Soviet launch first satellite in 1957
U.S. follows in 1958 after humiliating attempt
The Arms Race
Hydrogen Bomb: 67 times the power of atomic bomb
1952 - America, 1953 - Soviet Union
Dwight D. Eisenhower
John Dulles: saw Cold War as moral crusade
Air-raid procedures

18.4 Two Nations Live on the Edge
Middle East and European Pressure
Aswan Dam on Nile River
Israel, Great Britain, and France invade
Eisenhower Doctrine: response to Soviet prestige
Hungarian Revolt
Imre Nagy formed new government
Soviets attack killing ~30,000 Hungarians
No response from U.S. or UN
CIA Spy Planes
Sending U-2 planes over Soviets
Infrared cameras
Troop movements and missile sites
Eisenhower wanted to end flights
Press and Soviets knew
Pilot Francis Powers shot down
10 years in prison
Air Raid Drill in New York City
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