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Mobile Banking Using NFC Technology

No description

Vinh Truong

on 22 September 2012

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Transcript of Mobile Banking Using NFC Technology

Mobile Banking Using Technology What are our strategy ? This is your future !!! Group 2 Mobile technology is in an ever faster
spinning cycle of change: mobile devices are radically changing the way we live, work
and play, this change affecting how people respond to these devices; and then change
to the devices is affecting our respond to them What We Gonna To Do ? Creating application using NFC technology
Using Cloud computing for sync from web page to application Add and Remove Credit Cards
Store Information translations
Security for application using PIN code
Store the Offer of the merchants Sync with Application
Remote to disable the Application from web
Can Manage Credit Card like the application
Can view the translations like the application Base On Our Function ON aPPlication Our Function ON CLOud WebPage Our VisioN RePLACE GOOD MARKET SHARE !!! Name Tag Vinh, Truong Dang Duy (leader)
Quoc, Vo Nguyen
Hung, Le Van
Trieu, Nguyen Nhu So.... ANDROID APPLICATION In the future if our application grow faster, we will be creating this function Our Future We must creating trusted service for good security What the Most Important ? GOOD BYE! Thank FOr Listen.
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