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Green Dewitt

No description

Kristen Burdick

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Green Dewitt

Green Dewitt!!! Green Dewitt! Green Dewitt Land Grants Problems

· Born in Lincoln County, Kentucky

· Recruited 166 families

· Went to college for 2 years

· Captain in 1812 war

· Sheriff of Ralls county, Missouri

· Died of cholera

· Performed marriages

· Became empresario to colonize people and gain land In 1825 there were a lot of problems involving Green DeWitt. Here is one of them; DeWitt was first accused of illegal use of funds in San Antonia by a settler named Peter Ellis Bean. He later was found not guilty on October 16, 1825. In July 1826 Gonzales was raided by Indians who were trying to steal horses. Also each day more and more settlers were arriving to start a life in Austin’s colonies. But there were laws saying that the settlements could not be within leagues of the coast, so DeWitt got permission to start a temporary settlement. As Many People could come till they saw safety in Gonzales. In 1826 there were so many settlers having a life in DeWitt settlement Old Station. Also later on the Mexican government made a mistake that included another colony that had a contract grant, and DeWitt had many disagreements with the colony founder Martian De Leon. DeWitt was arrested due to Martian De Leon claiming that DeWitt brought tobacco in the colony he owned. And when Austin stepped in tensions rose and DeWitt’s and De Leon’s friendship never was close again. In 1827 DeWitt, Austin, and De Leon signed a peace treaty with the Karankawa so that no colonies would keep on being raided. DeWitt also tried to have an agreement with the Tonkawa tribe but could not with the Comanche’s. There was raiding often in the colonies from the Comanche’s. In 1830 things got worse the Mexican Government put up a law that let no settlers immigrate to Texas. Austin was able to secure a waiver or still have the loan but it was difficult for families still wanting to move there. At the end of his contract he 144 families living in the colony which was called Old Station. In 1831 DeWitt’s colony was becoming more successful, the money was mostly used. This was because of family funds to help the colony grow. And in 1835 DeWitt was sent away to start a new colony, but it did not work out. In May, 1835 he died taking after the” Battle of Gonzales”. Dewitt brought 160 families therefor he received more than 23,000 acres.

There is a small Spanish settlement near Dewitt's land lead by Gonzales.

Gonzales' settlement would be a good trading partner.

The land is in the coastal plains region.
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