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All about me(:

No description

Hannah Bruce

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of All about me(:

My Life As Hannah
All about me(:
About my family
Best Friends
What has made me the person i am today?
what has made me the person i am today is a lot, because a lot of things and people have impacted my life majorly. My parents have mostly shape me because they've raised me with their rules. So what they say isn't right, i say isn't right. My friends have also effected how i am, and some family issues. I think my school has too because i've been going to Fraser schools for nine years, so it obviously has some impact
My family
Dad - Phillip
Mom - Debbie
Half brother - Joshua
Sister - Haley
me - Hannah
Sister - Mattilyn
Pet - Zoey
Haley is the witch of our family, she can be the meanest mean girl. but sometimes, she can be really nice! she used to dance, and she cheered for a year! she is seventeen years old, and goes to cassino. her boyfriend is going off into the marines. She is hard to work with because she is so ambitious, but with the wrong things.
Mattilyn is eight years young. we call her Matti, Matt, boog, and booger! she goes to Mark Twain, and will be following in my foot steps by joining their cheer this year(: she is the most stuck-up, whiniest brat i know. But i will always love her<3
she loves to swim! she is our family's little mermaid! she likes to play tennis and she's ALWAYS BORED
Works at Elcharros as a cook. He met my mom through work. He was dating a girl named Sandy and had my brother with her in his teens. Their relationship didn't work out and he ended up with my mom. He loves football, and his obsession is golf.
Sam was my first best friend! we've lived down the street from each other since we were one years old! our parents were actually both trying to buy the same house! Sam and i were in preschool together and we were in the same class till fifth grade! She has been here for me through everything, and i love her so much!
We were in preschool together even though we didn't even know it. I actually met him because my friend liked him! we were on the same team last year, and sat at the same table in English till i switched to a different hour! after that we started talking more and we became closer, and we're like reallly good friends.i trust him with everything, and i go to him whenever i have problems!
Vitina and i became friends because of cheer. but in sixth grade we were super close, like unseperatable! i was over her house EVERY day! we did the stupidest, funniest things! we could act like complete idiots around each other, but we could also be super serious and could have a moment. when seventh grade started, we started to drift a little, then this huge problem occurred, and we stopped talking. about January we were good again though. we weren't as close, and we haven't been since. but she'll always be like a sister to me, and i'll always love her.
I'm thirteen years young
I was born August 10th, 2000 at St.Johns hospital. When i was born, i already had two loving, parents, and one sister who was three years old. While growing up, i gained another sister, her name is Mattilyn. We also got a dog named Zoey she is my favorite out of the Bruce's(;. My frist best friend was Samantha Ross, and we're still really close<3
My mom is in her forties, and works at Elcharros. She works A LOT. she is a manager and is always on her phone solving work issues.
Bus picture with friends, Michigan. Personal photograph by author. 2013
Kinzie and i, Michigan. Personal photograph by author. 2013.
At dinner with the best friend, Michigan. Personal photograph by author. 2013.
Infinity friendship, Michigan. Personal photograph by author. 2013.
School shopping, Michigan. Personal photograph by author. 2013
Party with my friends, Michigan. Personal photograph by author. 2013.
Mirror selfie, Michigan. Personal photograph by author. 2013.
My ilseys, Michigan. Personal photograph by author. 2013.
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