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Daily Life and leaisure activities and in Ancient Sparta

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Zoe Dublewicz

on 20 January 2013

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Transcript of Daily Life and leaisure activities and in Ancient Sparta

Daily Life
"Citizen women were occupied with gymnastics, music, household management and child rearing" - Pomeroy

Since their female duties required less attention they were allowed more free time to partake in leisure activites such as gymnastics and music. Daily Life

"The Spartans did not have to worry about the production of food, the tilling of land or the care of livestock, this was all done for them by Sparta's large Helot population. Neither did the Spartans have to develop craft skills or be concerned about producing anything whether it be weapons or pots or furniture, this was the preserve of the Perioikoi."
- K. webb

This allowed the daily lives of Spartiates to be fully focused on their elite military training, also allowing more time for recreational and leisure activities. The lives of Spartan citizens differed greatly from the lives of greeks in other city states such as Athens.

The nature of Spartiates lives allowed them to enjoy a vast range of leisure activities. Daily Life The daily lives of men aged 7-30 revolved around their training in the Agoge.

"They were taught discipline, independence, toughness, endurance, survival and combat. They had no clothes. They were given one cloak to survive all year. They lived in barracks and slept on bushes." - Karen Rutherford.

Everyday of young spartan males lives was spent tolerating unpleasant conditions in order to become and elite warrior. Leisure Activities Spartiates enjoyed a great range of Leisure activities in their spare time, most of which were focused on developing skills that could improve fitness and be useful in battle. Leisure Activities Daily Life and Leisure Activities ANCIENT SPARTA Feasting at the syssitia was a luxurious past time for male Spartiaites. In ancient Sparta,
horses were
greatly admired.
was a popular
activity. Leisure Activities Athletics was a much enjoyed leisure activity of ancient Sparta, it allowed citizens to maintain the preferred physical form and practiced skills that were useful in battle.

"The full range of field sports was played; running, discuss, javelin, jumping and wrestling... ...we know for example that soldiers spent their spare hours practicing athletics while they were on campaign."
- Brennan Leisure Activities Spartans enjoyed hunting because it put in practice skills required to be a good soldier and supplied a meal in most cases.
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