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Copy of Toilets for Parbati, Maharastra-India

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Ana Paredes

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Toilets for Parbati, Maharastra-India

Defecating in Public What can we do? Past Accomplishments, help us to continue supporting.. TOILETS IN INDIA "Sanitation is more important than independence” – Mahatma Gandhi This happens in India... today. Gram Vikas, a dignified solution to:

1: Building community awareness as to the effects of poor sanitation and the occurrence of diarrhea and intrinsic diseases.
2: Providing an ecological solution at a low cost that reduces the public contamination from defecating in public.
3: Educating people regarding sanitary processes through an intense communication campaign
Our Budget projections: $10 From Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
$5 From Gram Vikas current donations
($3 Admin. fees, 1.50 additional material, .50 training)
$10 From monetary or construction contribution (communities) Sanitary
behavior and diseases are related 1.5 million Each year children around the world die from diarrhea diseases due to unsafe water, inadequate sanitation and poor hygiene practices. Do you know how many? Objective: "Increasing the levels of sanitary conditions by providing 100,000 toilets for families of five or more living in rural areas of the district of: Parbhani, Maharastra-India" - Established in 1970's with the Young Students' Movement for Development (YSMD), Chennai. (cyclone)
-In 1979 we were able to register under the Indian Societies Act
-We have served more than 3,666,999 people in 1129 habitations of 24 districts in Odisha. (State in India) -We have 42 years of experience in India
-Maharastra State is more development, but their people have the same sanitation habits as less developed parts of India
***We guarantee the sustainability of the investment resources because it is a process we have used in the past. Our intervention map ... talking about the resources $ $ $ $25 is the total coast for each toilet Your $1 million contribution:
-build 100,000 toilets
-reduce diarrhea and enteric by 50% over the next year
-Educate citizens on the importance of changing their behavior to have a more sanitary society
-Emphasize how actions affect their health In India in 2011 there were 10 million cases reported Outputs:
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