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Brooke Winka

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Holocaust:Barcode

Later, while in prison, he wrote a book called "My Struggle." It told of his scheme to unify Germany as one "breed" so to speak. This picture shows the metamorphosis from individuals to numerals. Originally, the inmates had numbers sewn into their clothes for identification purposes. This became hard with the increased death rate so in Auschwitz they stamped numbers (made of needles) into their chests and rubbed ink in it. Adolf Hitler was born in 1889. After being denied twice by an art school, Hitler turned to his second interest, German nationalism. Adolf Hitler False Advertisement Hitler (who became chancellor of Germany of 1933) took advantage of Germany's struggle to attract followers to the Nazi Party. By the end of 1934 he became absolute ruler of Germany. Hitler despised the Jews and even tried to recreate Germany's occupants. The "Fountain Of Life" program was attempting to create a "master race" who were racially pure and had no Jewish ancestry. Hitler said he would provide a more united society with less conflict that was full of chance and new occupations. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/peoplescentury/episodes/masterrace/description.html The Nazi's thought of Jews as a "misfortune" and was determined to get rid of them. He also promised to
- Protect from Communists
- Cut off large companies
- Increase pay for farmers produce The main reason the citizens of Germany followed Hitler was because he had a reasonable (at the time) explanation for everything the people wanted. Citations In the book, the tattoo didn't appear to be a bad thing on the outside either. Reason being, the people in charge made it sound desirable. Both put someone else in charge. The Jews were then isolated and denied many civil rights. Nazi's were constantly invading cities and herding the Jews into the ghettos, which were constricted boundaries with little food and water and sanitary necessities. Gradually, they would all be sent to death camps to be executed. In reality, the tattoo was just a way to control you. Birkenau also started using this method, but other than that no other death camps used the tattoos. They came up with a much more simple method of tattooing. This involved using a single needle to write it on their left forearm. At the death camps, a majority killed were methodically shot and gassed. Needless to say, the Nazi's were inexcusably horrible to the Jews and other inmates. Both were made out to be good things. I'm pretty sure no one got this picture from all of those promises. But I guess if you were a blonde with blue eyes, things might be okay. The bar code tattoos and the Holocaust pros and cons differ depending on who you're talking about. To the Jews, there really weren't any pros. At all. Holocaust Bar Code tattoos Pros Cons Pretty much everything. Pros Cons Depending on your genetic code, you could be very successful and provided with a lot of opportunities. If you were passed down bad genes, the government could potentially make your life so miserable you want to die. Invasion of privacy Reduced identity theft and crime Both stole your individuality. The bar code tattoo and identification tattoos basically signed you over to someone else. Once you got one, you didn't have much control over anything anymore. By giving you these tattoos, all anyone would see you as is a number. This is the main similarity between the two. In the Holocaust, people were tattooed with numbers for identification purposes. In the book, people were given a bar code tattoo as a source of information and to control your actions. Although the bar code tattoo isn't physically throwing people into gas chambers, it is similar to the Holocaust in some ways. Lets start off by explaining what exactly brought up the Holocaust and what went down. In the book, The Bar Code Tattoo, a bar code was given to people to access their genetic code. Basically meaning they were seeing if you would be useful when you were older or just cost them more money. Now that you know all of this stuff, let's see some main ways they are similar! Barcode Tattoo and Holocaust similarities http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Holocaust/history.html http://www.biography.com/people/adolf-hitler-9340144 http://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/article.php?ModuleId=10007056 The first freeing from these camps was on April 4th, 1945.
On April 30th, 1945 Hitler killed himself.
An estimated 11 million people died in the Holocaust. FIN By Bria Krutsinger and Brooke Winka
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