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Crowds Taunting A Potential Suicide Victim to JUMP

No description

Udhay Marwah

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Crowds Taunting A Potential Suicide Victim to JUMP

By AVI and Udhay Taunting Potential Suicide Victims to JUMP! When somebody is about to jump a crowd
gathers and taunts him Crowds Taunting a Potential Suicide
Victim to JUMP! Seattle 2001
a 26-year-old woman decided to leap to her death from a bridge
after ending a romantic relationship.
a motorist yelled “Jump, bitch, jump!” – until she did. 2.4% are fighters (destructive, verbally/physically aggressive)
4.7% are agitators (will egg on the would-be ‘fighters’)
26.2% will try to intervene to stop the violence
61.1% will stand idly by and watch the violence
5.6% will leave the venue The inquest in Nottingham heard he climbed on to the railing of a balcony in a distressed state in 2010.

Coroner Maureen Casey said a "baying" crowd below called on him to jump. The Nottingham coroner said it was "an horrific scene with a crowd baying for the vulnerable man to jump" -2008, a 17-year old man jumped from the top of a parking garage in England
-300 people chanted for him to go for it.
-people took photos and recorded videos before, during and after.
- the crowd dispersed, the strange spell broken.
- taunters walked away wondering what had come over them. Other onlookers vented their disgust into social media. -San Francisco, 2010,
-a man stepped onto the ledge of his apartment window
- he contemplated dropping from the building. A crowd gathered below and soon started yelling for him to jump. They even tweeted about it. He died on impact 15 minutes later. Dr. Gordon Russell

1) So we can keep away from all the peer pressure and focus on the target

2) So we can stay calm and think straight for a good solution

3) So we don't get distracted by the mob and can keep away as far away from them as possible

4) So we can act human and call for help to clear the mob away

5) In order to take the pain inside of you and release on a stranger who wants to die anyway Reasons to act like this: What would I do if i was part of the mob 1) try to stay cool and calm and focused, and not get distracted so we can think of a solution

2) try our best not to get pressured, and get drawn in by the energy of all the other people, so we can find a way to save the mans life

3) Try to contact help, by dialing 911 or the police phone number so they can control the situation

4) try to shout and contact the man directly so that he doesn't jump, because this is the fastest method, but also the mist unreliable one How to control the crowd: If you are ever part of
a mob that is taunting a
potential suicide victim
to jump, follow these steps: Call the cops as soon
as possible The cops will rope
or fence the mob so they
will be less harmful to the
potential suicide victim Remove problematic guests after warning them firmly but politely that their behavior is inappropriate. Try to get help from other
civilians because you cant fight
a mob all by yourself THANKS FOR LISTENING
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