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Performance, concept and narrative based music videos

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Megan Stepney

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Performance, concept and narrative based music videos

Performance, Concept, Narrative & Animated Music Videos Concept Narrative Performance A performance based video shows the artist/band/group performance throughout the song and sometimes can play throughout the whole video. This type of video is good to use on a lower budget. An example of a performance based video is 'Chop Suey' by System of a Down. In the video you can see the band performing on a stage in the center of a room with an energetic crowd surrounding the stage. The energy seen from the crowd gives an exciting feel to the video, also the varied amount of camera angles and focus on different members of the band keeps the video interesting. In the video the band are quite theatrical with features such as movement and makeup. Another good example of a performance based music video is Green Day's 'American Idiot'. This is a style of music video that is based around a concept or an idea. They tend to be fairly unique or utilize a particular editing or filming technique. Here is an example of a conceptual music video - 'Monkey Drummer' by Aphex Twin: The importance of conceptual music videos is that they're dramatic and try to convey a message by being metaphorical. This sets aside the video from because it's different from performance and narrative style videos, which both tend to be very stereotypical. Another example of a concept based music video is 'Best of You' by Foo Fighters. A narrative based music video contains mostly footage that attempts to tell a story through the moving image. Music videos that are narrative usually have a story line that is linked to the lyrical content, although this isn't always the case. These videos also tend to be popular with songs that are featured in films and parts of the movie and scenes are usually cut into the music video. An example of a narrative music video is 'Dance, Dance' by Fall Out Boy. In this music video we follow the story of a couple going to a high school dance and see each of the band members at the dance with individual stories. The narrative matches the lyrics here as the song is called 'Dance, Dance' and the video is set at a dance. Another example of a narrative based music video is 'Always' by Bon Jovi. Animated music videos can range from the images being hand drawn, created by computer graphics or moulded out of material such as plasticine. An example of an animated music video is 'Bedshaped' by Keane. This video is made using a mixture of plasticine, hand drawn images and computer graphics. Another example of an animated music video is 'On the Brightside' by NeverShoutNever. Animated Combined styles Sometimes these different types of music videos can cross over and create a combined style. For example, the previously shown video of 'Best of You' by Foo fighters is a mixture of both a conceptual and performance based music video. Another example of a combined style is Fall Out Boy's music video for 'Dance, Dance' a narrative style is combined with performance. Music videos can however combine more than one style, which is done in Keane's music video for 'Bedshaped' - this video displays all four styles in one.
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