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Music Man rehearsal days

A presentation about the 4 rehearsals i have attended so far.

Mathilde Nygaard

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Music Man rehearsal days

The Music Man Saturday March 20th. Monday April 12th
Friday April 16th Monday April 19th This rehearsal was the first one I attended. It was a great experience to finally get into the process and to meet the actors, director and musicians. This first day I was mostly absorbing and getting into the mood of the musical. I took lots of notes in my script about the requirements of props and stage directions. The actors were woking their way through act 1, and they went through and corrected the scenes one by one. They were practicing the songs and their lines. Also how the actors moved on the scene were reveiwed. Monday after school I went to talk to mr. D because I needed to ask him about his expectations and visions for the backstage work. We had a really good talk, and I came to learn about the different areas of responsibilities I have. After this we went to the theater and walked around to have a look at the facilities, while we discussed what we want to do to organize the backstage area in the best way. The actors were working on the monologue and the dances. I went to the rehearsal on friday to talk to mr. D about the backstage, and what jobs I need to focus on right now. Unfortunately he was not there, and i could not find the answer for my questions. Instead I took pictures of the cast and recorded their singing. It was a good rehearsal, because I got pictures. The actors worked on their dance (shapoopi) and they went through all of the songs. I attended this rehearsal wit hthe wish to talk Mr. D, but as he was not present, I talked to Mrs. Allgaier, the director. I went around the theatre and looked at the backstage area. I took picture of the actors rehearsing.
The actors were practicing the songs, and the movement on stage. In addition to this, most of the actors went to talk to the tailor, they got measured, and it was decided which costumes were needed for whom.
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