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The murder of Danielle van Dam

No description

Paula Crow

on 21 January 2016

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Transcript of The murder of Danielle van Dam

The murder of Danielle van Dam
By: Paula Crow

About Danielle
September 22,1994 - Febraury 2002
7 years old
Attended Creekside elementary located in
Sabre Springs, San Diego, California
Danielle's Parents
Brenda and Damon van Dam
Both smoke marijuana and have affairs
David Westerfield
Born February 25, 1952
Successful, self-employed engineer
Owned a motor home
Lived 2 houses down from the van Dam's.
Divorced with 2 children in college.
Night of disappearence
Feb. 1 , 2002
Danielle's mother was out partying with friends at a local bar. She reported that she say David Westerfield there.
Mother came home with friends around 2am, found one of her friends in bed with Damon (her husband).
Both eventually went to bed without checking on their kids.

Jan. 2 - Parentscalled Police that Danielle was missing
(Also missing is Westerfield with his RV)
Jan. 4 - Westerfield shows up at the Dry Cleaners with various items such as blankets, pillows, and a jacket.
Jan. 4 - Westerfield is put on 24 hour surveillance.
Jan. 5 - RV and other items get impounded to be tested on.
(Danielle's blood is found on his clothing and in the RV).
Jan. 22 - Westerfield is arrested for kidnapping Danielle.
Jan. 27 - Danielle's decomposed body is found around a dump on Dehasa Rd.

Forensic's Part

There were 3 entomologists working on this case, they stated that insects started showing up between Feb. 12 - Feb. 23.
Westerfield was sentenced to death January 2003
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