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The Nervous System

By: Shay & Nishaath & Kendra

Blah Blah

on 27 May 2010

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Transcript of The Nervous System

The Brain By: Nishaath, Shay, and Kendra Here is a diagram of a brain. The Neuron The Nervous System Presenting ........ Body is speaking.......... Fun Facts about the Brain Did you know that the brain is actually the central nervous system?
It actually is. without the brain you would not be able to remember
things, move, or even talk! Here is another fact. Did you know that the cerebrum is actually your whole brain exept th cerebelum and the brain stem? Without the brain, you would not be living right now.

The Temporal Lobe The Temporal Lobe
contains your memory. The Frontal Lobe The Frontal Lobe is
our emotion control
section of the brain. Parietal Lobe The cerebrum is made up The brain has three parts.
The cerebrum ,cerebellum and the Brain Stem. of the Occiptal Lobe ,the Parietal Lobe, the Temporal Lobe, and the frontal lobe. Fun Fact The Parietal Lobe does your
information prossesing. Occiptal Lobe The Occiptal Lobe
controls your vision. Cerebellum The Cerebellum
controls your
ballance and your
movment. The Brain Stem The Brain Stem connects to
the spinal cord wich sends
messages throughout the body. The Spinal Cord It's the bigest part of the brain. The second bigest is the cerebellum then
the brain stem There are 3 diffrent types of neurons. Motor
neurons controls your muscles. Inter Neurons
are found only in your brain and spinal cord.
Sensory Neurons control your five senses. The Spinal Cord is surronded by a clear fluid called
Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF). CSF acts as a cushion to
protect delicate nerve tissues in the spinal cord from
banging inside of vertebrae. The anatomy of the spinal cord consists of millions of nerves. The spinal cord runs along the dorsal side of the body. It links the brain to the rest of the body. The Spinal cord is incased in a series of bony vertebre that comprise the vertabral column. Where is it found in the body? The brain and spinal cord are located in the head and down the back. What are the different technologies that have
been invented for scientific research? The MRI The MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
There are currently two MRI`s in Saskatoon. There is one in the Royal University Hostpital, one in saskatoon city hostpital and they are installing one at St. paul`s hostpital. What does this body system do what are its functions? How is it connected to the other systems? What do other cultures do to address the needs of this body system? Are there any Canadian contributions to recognise related to this body system? proactive behaviors Where helmet when riding a bike ,motorcycle ex.
Wear a seatbelt.
Read a lot.
Eat vitamin D and vitamin B12.
Eat dairy products, meat, and egg. Dr Freda Miller, Hospital of sick Children in Toronto for their work on New approaches to central Nervous System white matter repair. Dr Yu Tian Wang ,University of B.C./Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute ,Brain Research Centre at UBC Hospital,for their work on new therapeutic strategies to repair brain abnormalties in psychiatric disorders. This body system alerts the person that something is going on around them. The Nervous System is technically connected to all of the body system because the nervous system controls all of the body systems.
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