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Book 1 Water

No description

Andrea Garcia

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Book 1 Water

Book 1 Water
Eastern Religion Influences
Here the gang encounters statues of previous Avatars and discuss the Avatar cycle
Avatar cycle is that of reincarnation
Hinduism and Buddhism
Still connected to past lives
What he does in one carries on to the next one

The Warriors of Kyoshi
Aang and the gang go to Kyoshi Island, an island named after a previous Avatar and meet an unusual set of warriors.
When faced with a lot of adoring fans Aang says he won't let the fame get to his head.
He says “I’m just a simple monk”

In the end the fame gets to his head

"When asked by people how His Holiness the Dalai Lama sees himself, he replies that he is a simple Buddhist monk" (Routine Day, Dalai Lama website)
Spirit World (Winter Solstice part 1)
Aang and his friends encounter a village being attacked by a spirit. Aang tries to help the village and ends up in the Spirit World.
Aang is called the "bridge between the worlds"
Connected to the Spirit World
Acts as a Medium/Role of the monks

The Storm
A violent storm develops and with it Aang's and Zuko's pasts are revealed.
Monk Gyatzo too attached to Aang causing the monks to want to send Aang away
Reinforces the negative aspects of attachment in Buddhist thought
By forcing Aang away the audience sees that as wrong
Negative feelings connected to Buddhist idea of detachment for the audience
Bato of the Water Tribe
Aang and his friends run into a member of the Southern Water Tribe Fleet, Bato, who knows where Katara's and Sokka's father may be. Aang reacts poorly to the possibility of his friends leaving him.
When faced with the possibility of his friends leaving him and the map with the location of Katara's and Sokka's dad, Aang keeps the information to himself.
Aang lied
Brings realism and humanity to the eastern monk stereotype
Guilt reaffirms the Buddhist ideals

The moon and the ocean spirits are represented by Yin and Yang.

Aang joins with the ocean spirit and fights the Fire Nation
Challenges oriental monk stereotype of pacifist and nonviolence

Find out how the Avatar is discovered using Avatar "relics"
Parallels between the Dalai Lama and the Avatar continue
Same way the Dalai Lama is discovered

The Siege of the North Part 2
The Fire Nation attacks the Northern Water Tribe. Aang goes into the Spirit World to try to find a way to help. In the midst of the fighting General Zhiao deliberately slays the moon spirit.
Aang and his friends travel to the Southern Air Temple where Aang realizes he is the last Airbender
Southern Air Temple
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