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No description

Faizan Mazlan

on 7 April 2013

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Transcript of Strategy

Strategy Before every brief, know how to
strategize with your team. - Know aim according to budget all team mates must agree.
- Finding out what are your objectives are narrows down the budget for the project. - Determine budget allocations
- Find out where most of you're capital is needed the most.
- Helps in creating contingencies. - Timescale.
- Time management.
- Create your own deadline.
- Create readiness for last minute changes. - Write out brief and high light main points.
- Understands the brief better.
- Can create better and focused ideas.
- Trims the Fat. - Roles of team players must be allocated.
- Know who you are working with.
- Find their strengths.
- Weaknesses.
- Placement of their skills. - Decide which project management tools will be used.
- Software.
- Human Resources.
- Expenditure, how much your going to spend.
- Spenditure, how much you've spent.
- Report system, how to properly report your finds. - Regular meetings and updates t0 be performed
- Be mindful of the level of creativity within the team: appoint all types of team players.
- Client and designer meetings with follow ups where a designer presents a presentation with a follow up. - Be sure to guide client of the different stages of project from production to implementation.
- They need to know what your doing.
- Show that you care on their thoughts. - Clarify what your aims are.

- what is the purpose of the design project?You need to agree and confirm with all involved the actual purpose of the design project.

- What are the outcomes required? Use the SMARTER criteria to establish these essential starting parameters. Design and the creative process will always tend to zoom off
- That's the nature of the creative process and of creative people. - So you need to establish clear guidelines or things can become very difficult to control.
- It's all too easy to lose sight of the original purpose of any design project unless it is properly established, quantified, agreed and recorded. - Specific (a clear written description of what is intended or required, the outcome needed - the basic aim of the exercise)

- Measurable (quantify every aspect that is fixed, especially budgets, scale of application)

- Agreed (with all stakeholders and interested/affected parties)

- Realistic (even highly conceptual projects need to have a realistic intention or the project is inherently flawed) - Timebound (proper start and finish timescales, ideally with milestones (check-points) and measures along the way)

- Ethical (if you build ethics in from the start you provide a valuable reference point to maintain integrity)

- Recorded (write everything down; it's essential for clarification, agreement, management and control)Using the brainstorming process can be very helpful in beginning to establish project aims. Short Explanations You see an attractive lady On "Marketing Concepts" At a Party.........of course You go up to her and say
"Hey! I'm very RICH Marry Me!" You are with friends .....at a party You see an attractive lady ...... at the same Party "Direct Marketing" Douche One of your friends yells
"Hey my friend is very RICH! MARRY him!!" "Advertising" You see an attractive lady You ask for her number You call the next day and say
"Hey I'm Very Rich! MARRY ME!" "TeleMarketing" You are at a Rave You see an attractive lady You straighten your tie
and walk up to her. You pour her a drink You put her coat on. Angrily open the door for her. Kiss her good night. And you whisper in her ear
"By the way, I'm VERY RICH,
MARRY me." "Public Relations" You are again, at another party An attractive lady sees you She goes up to you and says
"You are Very RICH, MARRY ME!" "BRAND RECOGNITION" You see an attractive lady You go up to her and say
"Hey! I'm very RICH Marry Me!" She instantly slaps you across the face! "Customer Feedback" You see an attractive lady You go up to her and say
"Hey! I'm very RICH Marry Me!" She introduces you to her boyfriend..... "Supply & Demand Gap" You see an attractive lady Before you can say anything another guy comes and says
"Hey I'm Very Very Rich! MARRY ME!!" "Competition eating your Market Share" You see an attractive lady before you can say "Hey I'm VERY RICH! MARR..... The wife arrives "Restriction for Entering
New Markets" QUESTIONS???? Next Week: - Finalize CIS project
- Journal Update (15%) S.W.O.T. S
T trength eakness pportunities hreats Strength - Cost
- Variety
- Franchised
- History
- Endorsements
- Caters to locals
- Adaptive
- Safety checks Weaknesses - Misleading products
- Hindering Small business
- High employment
- Addictive Opportunities - Jobs
- Charities
- Organic foods
- Appeal to upscale markets Bastardo! Threats - KFC, Burger King, Wendy's .......
- Bad publicity
- Quality control
- Health issues
- Focused on children
- Lawsuits
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