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Browning Capoeira

DNC2000 CEC #6

Nancy Tran

on 4 November 2012

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Transcript of Browning Capoeira

In the "blessing" strike, the capoeirista "blesses" with the sole of his foot
The response is to exaggeratedly act out getting hit, even if that rarely happens
Defenses are "ironic negations", in that many take place close to the ground, and are extremely impractical to the untrained eye Capoeira's Ironic Inversions CEC #6: Headspin Capoeira is... Relation to Dance? Significance of the Title Workout DVD Example Any questions? a game, a fight, and a dance
of Afro-Brazilian origin
began as a kicking game for sport
not "danced" or "fought," but played
done by Capoeiristas in a protective circle, called roda
the music is played by those forming the circle Roda began as a protective circle enclosing capoeristas in training- in the process of an organized transmission of techniques of resistance
fighting molded into more “tolerable” dance via Kongo-Angolans during captivity, enslavement in Brazil Capoeira is in itself a form of dance, composed of kicks, acrobatics, and traditional Kongo dance moves
In the past thirty years, has been "cannibalizing gymnastics, kick-boxing, ballet, and breakdancing"; breakdancing derived from capoeira
Example of someone (Luke Broadlick) incorporating capoeira into a solo demo: Cavalaria an imitation of the sound of approaching horses’ hooves, to warn each other of police surveillance “Roda de Capoeira” & Its History Martial art techniques and choreographic and rhythmic vocabularies were brought from Africa and the strategic blend of fight and dance occurred in Brazil.
"Many of capoeira's maneuvers are inversions, whether literal or ironic, physical, or linguistic." What is capoeira and where did it originate? The Main Idea: "Most, when asked to define it in a word, call it an art... 'Doing strange things in the name of art.' And it's true, they will go to extremes." So why is it not considered a fight? Moves are done to demonstrate the movement and the capoeirista's skill purely in executing it beautifully
Rarely is it done with the intention of hitting the other player-- if the other player can't dodge, there's no need to complete the strike "Most, when asked to define it in a word, call it an art... 'Doing strange things in the name of art.' And it's true, they will go to extremes." "Most, when asked to define it in a word, call it an art... 'Doing strange things in the name of art.' And it's true, they will go to extremes." Cultural Significance? Capoeira is inherently the art of resistance in motion
Playing politics: "is dance, motion for the sake of pleasure, progressive motion or does it expend energy without changing the world?""Dancing in between the blows"-- celebration juxtaposed with Brazil's bad political and economic situation About Barbara Browning: American professor, cultural critic, dancer, and novelist
B.A. in comparative literature from Yale 1983, now Ph.D.
Spent a year in Brazil to study dance
First book was a dance enthnography titled Samba: Resistance in Motion
Writings dubbed "a pioneering effort in bringing discussions about the popular culture of Brazil into the North American academy"
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