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Catholic Social Teachings Project

By: Awesome Students!

awesome students11

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Catholic Social Teachings Project

The Life and Dignity of the Human Person! The Catholic Church believes that the human life is important and every human being deserves to be treated with dignity. Every human being deserves the right to live a safe and happy life. I believe as a Catholic, that in my life I should help others achieve a life that everyone deserves. Call to Family, Community,
and Participation "Our family is where we learn to relate with each other, sacrifice for others and, most importantly, love one another. It is also where we develop our sense of participation, justice and other skills important in a well-functioning society. The family is often called the domestic or the first church."

~ http://www.cacatholic.org/index.php/resources/catholic-social-teaching/catholic-social-teaching/54-the-call-to-family-community-and-participation Option for the Poor and Vulnerable Option for the Poor and Vulnerable theme is a way that we can help people that have some type of disability, and people that are less fortunate than us. Also we can help these people stand up for themselves. This means that people around the world are able to help one another be a better person. This will help people around the world feel good about themselves. We can always help people be more successful in life. Rights and Responsibilities! The Rights and Responsibilities theme means that we have duties to enforce our rights. You need to have responsibility in order to have your rights. With responsibility, you need to be helpful to one another and be a good example to younger people that look up to you. This is a great explanation of natural rights. Dignity to Work and Rights of Workers! Dignity of Work and Rights of Workers theme is about the right to have a job. We need to inform people to increase jobs, not decrease them. An example is when President Obama wants to increase jobs, but with too many taxes, people are getting layed off jobs way too much. We need to improve this world with a more efficient way of handling jobs. In the past, African Americans didn't have the right to freedom. These slaves were forced to work under there own will. This is an example of a wrong way to have a job. The slaves never got payed either, unlike the jobs we have today.There are still slaves today. We need jobs in order to pay off our bills. We need to improve the economy! Catholic Social
Teachings! Promotion:
- To prevent bullying is people can be nice to others
- Standing up for people
- To help people you can donate money to homeless people
- Pray for people in need "Wings" - Little Mix
"Mamma told me not to waste my life
She said spread your wings my little butterfly
Don't let what they say keep you up at night
And they can't detain you
Cos wings are made to fly
And we don't let nobody bring us down
No matter what you say it won't hurt me
Don't matter if I fall from the sky
These wings are made to fly" This is about anti-bullying. This relates to the key theme because it is telling people that other people can't bring them down because they have dreams. This song also tells people that they are confident and strong. We think this is a good song because it is telling people to keep their heads up and not listen to bullies. Another reason that we think this song is good is because it is also an anti-bullying song. This song will help people feel better about themselves. Promotion:
- Our whole school supported Malala
- We stood outside and made signs to support her
- We also had a prayer service for her Call to Family, Community, and Participation is about how people all around the world participate in the world. For example when there was voting to declare who was president. Everybody should have a part in voting. Not just saying who the leader is, everybody should have a right to choose who their leader should be. This article is about the
description of Call to Family,
Community, and Participation.
The Malala story is a great example
of Call to Family, because she is making
a wonderful statement. "Responsibilities"
By: David Woodward

" I got the feeling
I want to say thanks
For all the love and the healing
And all the beautiful things
The gratitude I'm feeling
Has got me wanting to sing my thanks to the world
And all the good that it brings." This song is about spreading responsibility.
It is also saying thanks to the lord for responsibility.
This song is a great way to spread responsibility around
the world! Promotions:
- donate clothes to St. Vincent de Paul
- donate food to St. Vincent de Paul
- help out at a soup kitchen
- donate money to the poor Article:
Most of us have heard of Mother Teresa, a person known to the world for her work with the “poorest of the poor” in Calcutta, India. Blessed Teresa, in speaking about poverty says, “We know what poverty means, first of all, to be hungry for bread, to need clothing and to not have a home. But there is a far greater kind of poverty. It means being unwanted, unlove, and neglected. It means having no one to call you own.”
She encourages us to “know the poorest of the poor are among your neighbors, in your town, in your city, perhaps in your own family. When you know them, that will lead you to love them. And love will impel you to serve them. Only then will you begin to act like Jesus and live out the gospel.”
~http://www.cacatholic.org/index.php/take-action/faithful-citizenship/82-fc-homily-guides/443-0902guide This article relates to the theme because it gives an example of Mother Theresa, and her way of helping the poor. It explains ways to help the poor in a fashionable way. It really explains the idea of this theme. Mother Theresa is a great example to follow of how to improve our society. Promotions:
- Put in applications for jobs
- Help slaves come to freedom
- Be who you are in interviews "A Hard Day's Night"
By: The Beatles

"It's been a hard day's night
And I've been working like a dog
It's been a hard day's night
I should be sleeping like a log
But when I get home to you
I find the things that you do
Will make you feel alright." This song relates to the key theme because
it explains the hard day of a good job. This
song represent a good job that you get paid
for. Instead of a bad job that pays little, or does
not pay you at all. This song explains the theme really
well. Solidarity The Solidarity theme is about people all around the world are like brothers and sisters. Everybody is the same. People may be a different race, but we are all the same. An example of bad Solidarity is slavery. White people would torture slaves and make them work, just because they were a different race. We should treat everybody the same way we want to be treated. Promotions:
- follow the golden rule
- help stand up for other people
- make the world a more peaceful place
with kindness "Solidarity"
By: Enter Shikari " Our names will not be writ on water
And we don't need an ark
One day I know the dam will collapse
And we will be the current
Yes, what have you got for me?
And now the flood gates will open
You cannot open the door." This song explains the theme, Solidarity because it talks about how we are all the same. Also how one day everything will break apart if we don't keep this world a perfect place. We need to keep everyone friends, not enemies. This song explains the theme very well. Care for God's Creation Care for God's Creation theme is about taking care of the Earth and God's other creations. It's also about putting more thought into your actions. An example of this is not to litter. You should put more thought into these creations. Promotions:
- Don't bully
- Don't litter
- Carpool
- Don't cut down trees
- Plant more trees "God of Creation"
By: David Crowder Band
" God of Creation take my breath away
God of the heavens in this very space" "God of Creation" is a wonderful song that explains God's great creations. This song is saying that we appreciate God's creations on Earth. Also, it's asking him to take us up to heaven. Promotions:
-Always keep your promises
-Be responsible
-Be respectful
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