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Jenn, Christie, and Tina pitch a SMART classroom to a board.

Jennifer Barrett

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of SMART Room

Link Changing Education is Old System: Learn this subject
At this time
In this classroom
This teacher's way
With these other students
With our permission "The children are using the technlolgy to improve their test scores on a paper test based on memorization."
- Alan November Then we introduced computers to improve on the system... ... but we kept the old thought process of education being about learning facts. New World: Easy access to facts Thus, the purpose of education ought to be teaching critical thinking and problem solving. Stop asking: "What technology should we have in the classroom?" Start asking: "What information do the students need access to and where is that information?" We will call these "Magic Links" How many magic links can we build? "The focus will be on how to improve student learning rather than buying the latest technology, such as multimedia, and then trying to figure out what to do with it." - Alan November The challenge becomes: Surveys Promethean board
Over-head projector
Active expression devices
Overhead LCD

What equipment do you have now? What Equipment do you Want?
Smart table
Equipment that is used in classrooms for primary education

What do you think the positive effects of this will be?
•Helps by attracting the students’ interest
•Will help them in an actual teaching environment

What negatives do you forsee?
Can take a lot of time to update classes
When the technology decides not to work
• Virtual disections
Time for training
Goal: Expose future teachers to as many Magic Links as possible. Plan: Build a modular room to facilitate many forms of information flow. 6 Stations
5 Year replacement cycle Station 1:
Projector Station 2
Magic Whiteboard
Projector Station 3
SMART Table Station 4
55" LCD Station 5:
SMART Board Station 6:
Control System
Document Camera
VCR/DVD Combo Initial Investment:
$31, 595 ... but we are asking for $38,000
No SMART Board
No SMART Table Year 1:
SMART Table Year 2:
SMART Board Year 3:
5 iPads
4 Laptops Year 4:
Magic White Board
$1000 for iTouches Year 5:
2 Projectors
55" LCD TV Budget $6000 a year for maintance
Rollover account
Eventually used to replace podium. Training / Support Risk Questions?
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