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The Reign of Terror: Was it Justified?

No description

Lia Kristie

on 8 May 2015

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Transcript of The Reign of Terror: Was it Justified?

Information & Opinions on the Reign of Terror:
Restatement of the Question:
Was using control with fear a good explanation?
Reason #3:
Finally, the Reign of Terror was not justified because their reasons weren't adding up to their actions. In document A, it says "all men are free and have equal rights" but how are they free and equal by killing people with no proof of what they are accusing them of, or not letting them take a stand for themselves? In Document E, it tells us about how watch committees of public safety were appointed to protect the public. But really their only job was to listen and watch for anyone who may be a counter revolutionist and tell on them with no proof. this wasn't fair because you could tell on anyone they don't like and they would die with no proof.
The Reign of Terror: Was it Justified?
By: Lia Kristie & Ariana Preston
We say NO!
Attention Grabber:
35,000 people were unnecessarily killed by officials contradicting themselves.
Thesis & Road Map:
The Reign of Terror was not justified. This Statement can be explained by 3 reasons, with one being they threatened them in the wrong ways. Two being The methods they used weren't necessary. An Lastly being their reasons weren't adding up to their actions.
Reason #1:
The first reason the Reign of Terror was not justified was they threatened them in the wrong ways. In document C, they used threats by using the draft and making them fight involuntarily. Also, there was a huge inside threat involving the vendee. Doc C states: in the spring of 1793, a counterrevolution against the Republican government broke out. this is now not only war outside the country, but inside too.
Background Information:
The Reign Of Terror, A little less than two years from when Louis XVI was be-headed in January 1793 through July 1794. Within that time period, over 20,000 were put to rest by the guillotine.
Reason #2:
A second reason the Reign of Terror was not justified was the methods they used wasn't necessary. In document F, it shows them using the guillotine on anyone who seemed suspicious, without proof that they were guilty. Document F tells us that about 16,000 people were killed publicly by guillotine. This was right in the center of town for everyone to see which caused fear and was a quick message.
There are many opinions on this subject for example others may say, the Reign of Terror was justified because being violent and taking extreme measures was the only way people would listen and react. Although I still think its not justified due to there bad threats lack of reasons and good fair methods shown throughout mostly documents: C, F, E, and A.
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