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Bhagatji Maharaj Jivan Bhavna

No description

Shivani Patel

on 15 November 2014

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Transcript of Bhagatji Maharaj Jivan Bhavna

Meeting Gunatitanand Swami
How did Pragji Bhakta and Gunatitanand Swami meet?
What did Swami say?
Bhagatji Maharaj
Bhagatji Maharaj Jivan Bhavna

Born in Mahuva on Falgun Sud 15, 1885
Childhood Name:- Pragji Bhakta
Initiated by Yoganand Swami
Samagam from Gopalanand Swami for 13 years
The Jogi of Junagadh
My Guru's Anuvruti
Divya Anubhuti (Divine Expierences)
What was the prasang about the poison ladus given to Bhagatji Maharaj?
Pavitranand Swami
What is the dishes prasang?
"Where can one find all the 68 pilgrmage?"
What was the prasang about the lime mixture?
They met when Pragji Bhakta was helping Gunatit Swami wash his hands.
"I have yet find a worthy person to receive the true knowledge of God. It can only be given to a valiant soul who has control over all his senses and is prepared to surrender himself to me."
Dishes Prasang:- After the Annakut festival, Pragji Bhakta was washing dishes. Gunatitanand Swami came and stood at the edge of the water pit. Pragji Bhakta went inside the dirty water because Gunatitanand Swami touched it with his feet.
The 68 pilgramages are at his feet.
Anuvruti means to do something without anyone telling you.
Karyani 11 is when Krishna Bhagwan leaves town and the gopis want to come with him. He tells them with his eyes not to come with him. They saw it, so they stayed.
What is the story of Krishna and the Gopis in Kariyani 11?
What does Anuvruti mean?
What was the quote Bhagatji Maharaj went by?
What was the prasang about the mango grove?
At Junagadh an haveli was in constructon, Pragji Bhakta prepared a lime mixture pounding it with his bare feet. When you touch the lime mixture, you could turn blind, but Pragji Bhakta did it because Gunatitanand Swami said to.
"I want to please Swami. I have dedicated my life in the service of Swami."
At a Mango Grove at Malia village, Gunatitanand Swami commented that the mango trees needed to be watered. Bhagatji Maharaj watered 300 trees 4 times each which is 1200 pots.
What does Guru's Anuvruti mean?
It means following our Guru's agna without him telling us to do so.
What Vachanamrut was the Katha on and what was it about?
Gadhada 1-71 - God manifest with his Akshardam.

What did Bhagatji Maharaj tell Pavitranand Swami and what did he do to Bhagatji Maharaj?
Bhagatji was trying to explain that Gunatitanand Swami was Akshar by saying he is the snake and Pavitranand Swami is the frog. Pavitranand Swami didn't like Gunatitanand Swami being called Akshar so he excommunicated him.
What did Gunatitanand Swami told Bhagatji Maharaj when he got excommunicated?
He told Bhagatji Maharaj to be safe and do dandvats to Pavitranand Swami.
Kama Sheth of Una
What did Kama Sheth of Una do to Bhagatji Maharaj and Why?
He slapped Bhagatji Maharaj because he was trying to explain the greatness of Gunatitanand Swami.

When Bhagatji Maharaj was going back from Junagadh to Mahuva. Kothari Kunjviharidas gave him ladus which were poisoned. When he ate one, he felt weak, so he buried it, so know one could eat it. When he was gong to Mahuva, Narsihnbhai, his driver, noticed he was weak, so he took him to the doctor. The doctor said it will cost 200 rupees. Narsihnbhai didn't have the money, so Bhagatji Maharaj said he was okay. He was saying Swamnarayan, Swaminarayan. Gunatitanand Swami came in his dream and he got better.
What is Panchala 5 about?
The importance of nirmanipanu
What is the prasang of Pavitranand Swami when he gets ill?
At Anand, Viharlalji and Pavitranand Swami were saying the Nar-Narayan dhun. The younger sadhus of Vartal Gadhi. They got into an arguement and Pavitranand Swami got ill, so Bhagatji Maharaj took care of him.
How did Pavitranand Swami got a fever?
He got a fever because of his ego. When everyone was singing Swaminarayan dhun, he really wanted Nar-Narayan dhun.
What did Pavitranand Swami tell Bhagatji Maharaj when he got better?
Pavitranand Swami told Bhagatji Maharaj at Junagadh, "Your sankalp fulfill me today. I accept Gunatitanand Swami as Akshar."
Dhaja Farkavo, Akshar Purushottam
This means show your pride to Akshar Purushottam.
We should be proud with what we have been gifted with.
What is Gadhada 1-8 about?
Nature of seva and its benefits
If you do seva your sins will be destroyed
What is the prasang of the canopy?
Bhagatji Maharaj stitched the canopy tent for 41 days.
Why did Gunatitanand Swami give Bhagatji Maharaj a boon?
He gave Bhagatji Maharaj a boon because his seva was so strong.
What was the boon Bhagatji Maharaj asked for?
His boon was to be with Gunatitanand Swami and be a satsangi.
Everything we do is seva.
We should always follow our guru's agna.
Remember the smple truth that even though Pragji Bhakta was a householder, he is also Akshar.
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