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Copy of Prezi Brainstorming Template

created by Prezi

Carla Sanche

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Prezi Brainstorming Template

how to make the company attractive to the people who really wants to work there and who is identified with the company?
copy and paste as needed and take advantage of an infinite canvas!
Events on High schools = to students
Research on the stores (with company's costumers)
Company site = a section about the work in the company
The Sector Supervisor, who is very dedicated, knows too many process and details of the job, and works in the company since he was a trainee, NEEDS A WAY TO, to select the best candidates (those who have better vision of business, behavior aspects, who can be more identified with the company values, and once employed, the new person has to incoporate very deeply and fast the processes, the way to upgrading and the company values BECAUSE the company needs people who can be totally involved with the business, the cause, who understand their importance to the company and the long way to upgrading; they don't like to dismiss someone fast (it's not their political of employment)
show to the students the company
"Company tours" = take young students to visit workplaces
Company site = a section about the different types of work in the company
Take people from the company to talk to the students about the routine work on the company
Once hired: a month to know the company (sections, challenges)
work experience in different parts of the company
Try to identify people who are still costumers...
Build "Carrier plan" in the beginning of the work experience
Trainee programmes
Social Media (Social Net) special to young people interested in the company
"Triall day" - selected students (High school or University) experience day on the company
find the skills that best fits a place in the company
Ways to show company's values
Different kinds of technology to show the company, it's values
Feedback experiences (constant, periodically)
Inovate ways to give feedbacks
Bank of CVs of future talents
Like "soccer players" - look for this people when they are at school
work experience as different "employee" of the company (place, team, position...)
Try to identify people who lives near stores of the company....
A day / or a week with someone in the company (experience day/week)
Publish (in different channels) company''s actions related with social responsability, sustentability
show the possibilities of work in the company (of upgrading...)
Dialogues groups (young people, recently hired)
Challenges to recentely hired people
"Course Begining": what is the company, what is the job, the business...
Mentoring teams: one older employee mentoring a young one
Game "The company challenge" - an experience that young people can "be tested" in the company's job, business, values
Game "The company challenge" - an online and "real life" game (challenges online and in the company's office)
Game "The company challenge" - a week game,
Game "The company challenge" -people can share things about the game in social medias...
Game "The company challenge" - make their on view of the company
special projects: identify and propose soluctions
monitoring development
The winner(s) should be contracted (trainee programme)
"social events" on the internet, people from the company talking about it, jobs, carrer, personal/job history
"People from the company": section in some Social Media or site telling the history about the people who still work there, how they begin, what they are doing in the company now...
A game for the company:
It could be an online and "real life"
with steps and challenges related to the
business of the company, some process, some
real life challenges that should take place in workplaces
of the company.
It could be played alone or in groups, or have phases of playing alone and other in group.
The winners should be selected to a different Trainee Programme....
Create events on High Schools and University
where the company can publicize its values, job opportunities,
carrers, values, actions, and select people to particpate in tours/experience days
Estimulate people to research and write academic papers about the company
be in magazines to young people
The idea is to give the person the challenge of study and propose a projetct or an inovation to the company, after a certain period in the company, and has passed for differents parts of it. Like a competition of the "youngers", the best (the one who best attempts to the company - resources, time, objectives, etc), should be put on practise, coordinated by the developer.
select and put to work the best project
bennefits to the best project
to make social and sustenable actions known...
A newsletter to divulgate "jobs" things to people who are interested in it
Fashion Show events on school / university
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