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Brian's Return book Project

No description

keegan czesak

on 2 March 2012

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Transcript of Brian's Return book Project

Biographical Information Brian's Return
By:Gary Paulsen When Gary Paulsen was 14 years old, he joined a carnival and left from home.
As a young adult Paulsen worked at a number of jobs such as a farmer, construction worker, engineer, sailor, and truck driver.
He latter joined the Iditarod dog sled race in Alaska.
After he finished college he joined the army.
Summary Sixteen year old Brian Robeson does not like liveing in the city. When he gets in a fight with a boy at his school he responds as if he were being attacked in the wild, he badly injures the boy. He is stopped by the police and sent to a counselor named Caleb. After talking to Brian, Caleb realizes that there is nothing wrong with him. After talking for a while, Caleb makes Brian realize how much he misses the woods. Brian realizes that he can't live in the city anymore. After makeing up a list of materials, Brian returns to the wild. After a while Brian meets an old man named Billy. Brian tells him about an incident when he was about to kill a deer but decided against it. Billy tells him it's his "medicine deer" and to always listen to it. Later Billy leaves but gives him the tail of a deer as good luck. Protagonist The only main character in Brian’s Return is Brian Robeson. He is 16 years old and loves the wilderness, ever since his plane crashed in the Canadian wilderness he had to learn to survive and get found. He doesn’t like the city that much because it is loud and busy. He would rather be in the woods where it is peaceful.

Main Setting The setting of this book is in the Canadian wilderness where Brian trys to survive until found. Main Conflict There are a lot of conflicts in this book, some of them are trying to convence his pareints to let him go back to the place that almost killed him. Another conflict is when Brian was fighting off animals like bears and deers and most threating is the cold weather. One Major Theme Major theme The theme of this book is when a 13 year old boy gets in a plain crash and he is the only one to surivive and fights against the wild to stay alive and get found. After he gets found he is all over the news and is asked to go back with some one else to show them how he lived. While they are back in the woods the guy brian was with got struck by lightning and went into a coma. My Opinion I think this is a really good book for young people to read because it theaches you how to get out of the house and enjoy nature.
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